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Dirt Hole Set - Ticket to Canine Success By John Chagnon
Creating a dirt hole set for coyotes or fox

Animal Control - Opossums are people too By Ron Baker
The day is never dull for an ADC trapper

Animal Control - Serious Business, Funny Stories By Ron Baker
Sometimes the uneducated public can be good for a few laughs

National Trappers Association Convention 2006 By Marty Harmon
Marty shows us the highlights from this year's national convention

The Trapping Judge, Part 1 By Mel Liston
One man's journey through life always brings him back to trapping

The Trapping Judge, Part 2 By Mel Liston
Continuing the story of John Yazinski

A visit to the fur shed By Marty Harmon
A tale of two trappers that are living life to the fullest.

Finding a bargain; A beginner's guide to using eBay By Keith Dewars
Part One of our guide to using eBay

Muskrat signals By Mel Liston
What is the cause of the recent muskrat population decline?

Trapping stands on a solid foundation By Mel Liston
The contributions of trappers to sound wildlife management is a very important thing to remember.

How to prevent frostbite By Troy Basso
An explanation of frostbite symptoms and how to prevent it.

Hypothermia... The Quiet Killer By Troy Basso
Recognizing the signs of hypothermia and how to treat them.

Rambling along the trapline; The Company Line By Mel Liston
A discussion of modern wildlife harvesting techniques and why they are needed.

New Hampshire Trappers Association website By Mel Liston
A new website about trapping in the northeastern USA.

Is there a place for you in trapping? By Mel Liston
This article explores different types of trapping and which would be best for you.

The necessity of trapping and hunting By Brent Lindman
Trapping and hunting are necessary in these days of urban encroachment.

Trapping school; Carrying on the tradition By Pat Faherty
Follow along as eight Minnesota youngsters learn the basics of trapping.

Catching weasels By Mel Liston
Learn a few tips about trapping these pretty little critters.

Rambling Along the Trapline- The Trapper's Year By Mel Liston
Follow along as a veteran trapper explains his yearly trapping preparations.

The early fur trade in New Hampshire By Mel Liston
A history lesson about the early fur trade in New England.

Map reading basics By Troy Basso
The basic principles behind reading a topographic map.

A brief history of trapping in North America
A little fur trapping history.

Sportsman harassment- Know your rights
What you should know if you are being harassed.

Trapping - Getting to the bottom of the sensationalism
Explaining the need for trapping.

Dissecting the anti-trapping animal rights (AR) cover letter By Donnie MacLeod
A trapper dissects the typical animal-rights arguments.

Some benefits of trapping By Keith Dewars
Why should I trap?

The best all around trap By Buckshot
Is one trap enough?

Traps, Trapping and Furbearer management
Position statement from The Wildlife Society.

Beavzilla, my first big catch By Keith Dewars
The thrill of catching your first BIG beaver.

Home > You are here: Feature trapping articles