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This section deals with the need for furbearer management and some of the issues involved with trapping in the modern world. (Note: If you are looking for practical knowledge such as how to set traps, use lures and make sets etc., please go to our Trapping Tips, Pointers and Sets section.)

Live traps
A good tool for animal damage control trappers.

Bodygrip traps explained
How do bodygrip traps work?

Explaining the foothold trap
What is a foothold trap?

The parts of a foothold trap
What is the dog? Where is the pan? This diagram points out the different parts.

What is a snare?

Destroying the Myth
View this new video from the National Trappers Association

A brief history of trapping in North America
A little fur trapping history.

Justifying trapping By Wiley E
A trapper explains why he traps.

The evil "steel-jawed leghold trap", a fact sheet By Keith Dewars
The real facts about trapping.

Mange, the ugly death of a beautiful animal By Keith Dewars
What happens when an animal contracts mange?

Dissecting the anti-trapping animal rights (AR) cover letter By Donnie MacLeod
A trapper dissects the typical animal-rights arguments.

Traps, Trapping, and Furbearer Management -The Wildlife Society
Position statement from The Wildlife Society.

Some benefits of trapping By Keith Dewars
Why should I trap?

Home > You are here: Trappers education