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The Dirt Hole Set
Basic steps for making a dirt hole set.

The Flat Set
How to make a flat set.

The Cubby Set
How to make a cubby set.

Muskrat Float Set
An innovative set that really catches the 'rats!

How to dye and wax your traps By Elizabeth Stephens
A step-by-step how-to in trap preparation.

Homemade swivels By Paul P.
An easy way to make swivels at home.

Homemade hand wipes By Paul P.
A simple way to keep your hands clean and scent-free on the trapline.

How to make waxed dirt; and by the way, what is urea? By Mel Liston
Step by step how-to on making waxed dirt to prevent traps from freezing.

Quick and easy weights By Nick Biscotti
An easy way to create your own weights

How to set a foothold trap
An easy way to avoid getting pinched.

Drown beavers in shallow water with #3 or larger coil spring traps By Rich
A handy tip for shallow water beavers.

Orange flagging on coyote traps with drags By Zemmyetkin
A simple and effective tip.

Safety on the trap line By Keith Dewars
Common sense trap line safety.

How many beaver can I trap and still come back and trap the same spot next year? By Buckshot
Making sure you do not over-trap an area.

Beaver snaring under the ice By Buckshot
The basics of under-ice beaver snaring.

Good beginner muskrat sets By Buckshot
Basic sets for the novice muskrat trapper.

#120 and #160 Conibear for raccoons? By Buckshot
Which body-grip trap to use for raccoons?

Speed dip or logwood dye? By Buckshot
Should I go with a traditional or modern method of dying my traps?

Skinning tool By Theron Taylor, Utah Trappers Association
A handy tip for use while skinning coyotes.

Where to set the #110 Conibear By Buckshot
Common sets for the small #110 Conibear trap.

The #110 Conibear By Buckshot
The #110 Conibear trap explained.

Home > You are here: Trapping tips, pointers and sets