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Some benefits of trapping
By Keith Dewars*

Trapping provides many benefits to those that choose this lifestyle.  Some of these benefits are-

  1. Outdoor recreation.  One of the main reasons people trap is for the love of the earth and the creatures that reside there.  Trapping teaches respect and admiration for animals.  Many people that do not approve of trapping have never been beyond the pavement and have not seen the beauty and brutality that is the day-to-day way of life in the great outdoors.

  2. You are helping to keep North American heritage and traditions alive.  In large part trapping was responsible for the majority of exploration and the opening-up of new areas on the North American continent.  Indians (and others later on) trapped for clothing, food and shelter.  Furs were, and still are, a valuable commodity which has enabled many to better their way of life.

  3. You are helping keep furbearer populations in check, thereby reducing the chances of devastating disease outbreaks.  Illnesses and diseases such as rabies, mange, tularemia and others can be responsible for large scale die-offs of whole populations of animals.  Trapping works to alleviate the "peaks and valleys" thereby helping to assure a healthy and viable animal population.

  4. Trapping is used as a management tool.  Besides the obvious population management goals, trapping is used to help other species recover.  For example;  Foxes, skunks and raccoons are trapped where duck nesting habitat needs to be protected, assuring the fledgling ducks a high chance of survival through their first year.

  5. Extra income from the sale of your pelts.  Whether you do it part time, just for the fun of it, or trap as a full time endeavor, one of the rewards of trapping is seeing that fur check come in every year.

*Keith Dewars is a freelance writer, avid outdoorsman and owner/webmaster of Malum Internet Properties. He can be contacted at [email protected].

Home > Features > You are here: Some benefits of trapping