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Dirt Hole Set - Ticket to Canine Success
By John Chagnon*,

The dirt hole set has probably caught more fox and coyote than all other sets combined. A properly made dirt hole set can catch every canine that passes, but the secret is learning how to make a good one.

The first step is to put your set location in an area inhabited by fox or coyote. In wooded areas, look for your set location near trails that cross. In farm country, locate where fence rows meet, near rock piles and old farms. Anywhere mice and other rodents are abundant or an open area is nearby will work also. The set location should be in an area that's open at least 20 or 30 yards in all directions and relatively flat. Gray fox don't mind sets in thickets, but red fox and coyote are too suspicious if set is not in the open.

Clean equipment is a necessity. At a very minimum, clean traps and equipment free of factory oil, rust and dirt. Preferably, dye and wax your traps and understand it's best to get your traps out before the deep freezes and heavy snows. Click here to read the article.

Opossums are people too
By Ron Baker*

Opossums are, in my opinion, the easiest animals to trap, they are fairly slow and if you approach them quickly, they play dead. This is an amazing reaction to fear. Instinctively they understand that most predators will only eat live animals. When opossums feel threatened, they will fall over, their eyes will gloss over and they produce an odor from their mouths that smells like a decaying carcass. This is a very effective self preservation tactic that works well in the wild, however, Trapper Ron is never fooled.

Sometimes the situation calls for a caring touch as in the case of one call I received. Not only for the animals but for the people that fear them. I was in between calls when I received a frantic call from a woman who said that there was an animal in her bath tub. She had no idea what it was other than it was white and looked like a large rat. I assumed it to be an opossum. She told me that price was not an option and that I needed to get there right now. I just happened to be in the area so I headed her way. Click here to read the article.