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 Post subject: Sons and daughters
PostPosted: 15 Jun 2014, 18:06 

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My Beloved Sons and Daughters,

I know it has been a few years since we lived under the same roof. As any parent knows, it is painful to let their children go – but it is part of the natural process and all we hope for is that you take with you the lessons, mentoring and values we tried so hard to install during those formative years.

As I have watched through the years, I have seen you rise to levels I had not even imagined! I watched you fight amongst yourselves to the point of tearing each other into pieces, and come out even stronger than before. I have observed you grow into the proudest people – guarding and protecting yourselves and others, and to even pay that price with your own very lives.

Over the years you have adopted others, integrating the best of ideals and morals, while still maintaining the very foundation of character you were taught. I was so proud!

But today, I must admit my disappointment. I cannot tell you how to live your lives, or what future you wish to make for yourselves. Your destiny is yours; however, I am still your father and my responsibility to guide you I will always own.

Nothing in this world holds true value more than your personal character. You know this. You have lived a better part of your life exhibiting this – yet you have abandoned it.

I remember once, when you were very, very young, there were peoples who were stealing and killing some of you from lands far away. Nobody in the neighborhood would help. So, against all odds, you took to task to defend yourselves and your rightful interests. You did not worry about what others thought or who bore false witness again you, or even the possibility of failure. You took up the cause with determination– and proved your character.

Today, however, I see very different people. I am afraid to say this – but I see cowardice. I see individuals who have forsaken their personal souls in exchange for acceptance, false security, and a charlatan’s promise of an easy path.

You have forgotten that anything of value comes with a price. That sacrifice, hard work and determination are the simple ingredients. Do you remember the story I told you about that horrible winter when I was a younger man? When the bullies were trying to make us succumb to their wishes? We spent the winter, some without proper shoes and clothing, training to meet their evil the next spring. What I did not tell you is the fear I held.

I was tempted time and time again to agree to terms with the bullies. I was cold and tired and very frightened. Some nights I cried trying to hold the strength to keep my resolve. But I knew, if I gave in, the loss would not be my materialistic future, but my character.

You may still have riches in your life – a home, food and clothing, upon the path you are following. But they are fleeting. In no family, in no world, is the wealth permanent. But what can never be taken or enslaved is your soul IF you keep ownership of your character. That is only surrendered by free will.

Cry each night for the pain. Scream out at the world’s utter unfairness. But build the wall around your soul by empowering the elements of your character as you were once taught. No musket ball, no sword and no Crown can penetrate or take that as long as you fight for it.

It is hard, the pain almost unbearable at times. Do not allow anyone or anything to compromise who you are. In the end, it is simply a choice. The pain does subside. When it does, you will either be standing together and your souls united or you will be slaves to new masters.

I wish you the best, and my heart is forever yours.

You Loving Father,

George Washington

Those who trade liberty for security shall have neither.

"Take ye heed,watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is".

Rev. 6:8 and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was death , and Hell followed with him.

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