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PostPosted: 02 Oct 2006, 21:52 
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Judge Allows USSA Involvement in Suit to Defend Trapping

A federal court judge will allow the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation to represent trappers’ interests in a lawsuit brought to ban trapping in Minnesota. The suit also creates legal precedent that threatens hunting, fishing and trapping if the activities might result in incidental take of an endangered species.

Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge Raymond Erickson granted the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation (USSAF) and its U.S. Sportsmen’s Legal Defense Fund (U.S. SLDF) permission to join the suit, which was brought by the Humane Society of the United States and a smaller animal rights group. The anti’s are suing the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources claiming that since the state holds a population of Canada lynx, a species protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), all trapping of any species should be stopped to prevent incidental catch of lynx.

This is an attempt by the anti’s to ban trapping in Minnesota and establish legal precedent to ban a wide range of taking of wildlife. The case could set a precedent that affects how the ESA can be applied throughout the nation. If anti’s can stop trapping in a place where there is a risk of catching lynx, they can just as easily try to stop fishing in bodies of water where there is a risk of catching endangered sturgeon.

The SLDF has joined the case, along with the Minnesota Trappers Association, Fur Takers of America, the National Trappers Association and Minnesota trappers Todd Roggenkamp and Cory Van Driel.

The SLDF is the nation’s only litigation force that exclusively represents sportsmen’s interests in the courts. It defends wildlife management and sportsmen’s rights in local, state and federal courts. The SLDF represents the interests of sportsmen and assists government lawyers who have little or no background in wildlife law.

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 Post subject: ANTIS
PostPosted: 02 Oct 2006, 23:58 
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What the blazes is going on in todays world? We have people, grown ups as well as kids going into schools and killing humans because their having a rough time of their lives. We have bleeding hearts telling us that we can't "hang" the rapists, murderers, theives, drug dealers, child molesters and yes, terrorists that came over here and put the hurt ands fear in us on our land. Goverenment officials who say 1 thing about clamping down on pornography on the web, then get caught doing it themselves. Tying the hands of our soldiers so they can't fight and win, then cry because wer'e spending to much time and money fighting the war they all said we should fight. They tell us we can't pray in school, nor say the pledge of Aligiance. And what do we do? we sit here like timid rabbits staring at the butcher block just waiting for the "big Hand of Big Brother to snatch us up and put an end to it all for us. we've got these same types of folks living right next to us no matter where we live crying that those "poor" animals we trap are living such a good life untilwe get ahold of them. Yet they have no clue about the need to keep their numbers in check for the whole gamet of reasons . I'm jusst waiting for someone to tell me now that because of the school shootings, I can no longer own a firearm. Anyway.... we need to support the defenders of our rights. If Minnesota loses it's trapping, who of us will be next? Let's stop looking the other way thinking it won't happen here. Just P O'd.


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