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Videos for sale or possibly trade for others
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Author:  whitetailaddict [ 20 Dec 2006, 22:07 ]
Post subject:  Videos for sale or possibly trade for others

All videos originals in excellent condition. Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING. Thanks WTA

Marshland Muskrats-Ron Hauser-$28
Fisher Trapping with Bob Noonan-$35
Marten Trapping with Bob Noonan-$35
Coyote Trapping-Flat Sets with J.C. Conner-$35
On the Cat Line-Bob Wendt-$35
On the Dog Line-Bob Wendt-$35
Mega Mink Methods-Gerald Schmitt-$25
Lure & Bait Making-The Johnny Thorpe Way-$35
The Art of Professional Beaver Control-2 video set-Clint Locklear-$43

Original DVD in Excellent condition-SHIPPING INCLUDED

North American Trapper-4 Hour Watercourse-Beaver, Coon, Rat, Mink-$35

Author:  trapperwalt [ 21 Dec 2006, 15:55 ]
Post subject: 

hey is the mega mink methods dvd or vhs ????

Author:  whitetailaddict [ 21 Dec 2006, 18:54 ]
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Ohearn video is pending payment! Thanks

Author:  wcerin [ 19 Jan 2007, 16:57 ]
Post subject: 

PM sent

Author:  Ky_Madman [ 07 Mar 2007, 21:40 ]
Post subject:  Videos

PM Sent

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