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for trade only 2
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Author:  squirrelslayer [ 28 Jan 2013, 13:26 ]
Post subject:  for trade only 2

Sorry, but this topic has been locked. Please read the post below. Thanks.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 28 Jan 2013, 20:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: for trade only 2

squirrelslayer wrote:
hey everyone im new here and this is my first post and after reading various threads as a guest i decided to join. anyway i saw the thread on the trading post called "for trade only" where a skin was if im corect shipped all over the country and i was inspired by this so i was wondering why keep it in country why not trade it around the world!

here are the rules:

* you must ship it out 3 days within recieving it
* you must accept what ever is first offered to you for it
* you must put your name, date and country/state/town/ect. on the card
* you can add a picture of you and the item with the details above on the back of it (only if you want to)
* you must have fun.

even though i am starting this i don't have anything to really get it started so if one of you would like to put forward an item PM me and ill send you my adress and ill set up the trading pakage. the item can be anything eg. traps/bows/furs/knifes. and after a year the item will be returned to me and ill make a post in this thread a year from now with the places and the names of where it has been. i will then return the item to whoever submited the item to me (if they still want it) if not then the item will be auctioned on this thread where you post your biding offer if you do not wan't anyone to know that it is you bidding PM me with your bid and i will submit it as an anomynous Bid. the amount of money it goes for will be donated to a charity. if you have any questions PM me. ok whos gonna get us started?

Squirrel, great idea but we have no idea who you are if you are on the up and up here. Please post for awhile and get to know some people here first.

Thanks- TrapperKD

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