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Beaver Hat
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Author:  Musselshellgal [ 19 Nov 2012, 23:52 ]
Post subject:  Beaver Hat

The price on these hats depends on if you send your own beaver or I have to buy one. Usually I'm in an area where I can just run over to MJfurs and buy a nice rawhide round. So the only dilemma I see is how to get a beaver to me without rolling it up. I guess there are large flat boxes to be had?

I make them from UNTANNED beaver that is not paper thin. If your beaver hide folds in half easily, then its probably too thin to maintain it's shape when made into a hat like this. Also the hide can't have any dry rot which will cause the sewing holes to tear through.
It takes a large beaver to make one and of course if you send your own, the better hide I get, the better hat you'll get back.
I charge $110.00 to make them and not sure what the price of beaver in the round is these days. Postage will be $20.
This is my oldest son when he was a teen. The photo makes the hat look taller than it actually is.. Im not sure who did the beaded rosette, but the hat comes plain.
The hat is fully lined with wool and has a draw string band inside the headband which allows for tightening to a custom fit. Is sewn with artificial sinew. The small brim in front is of heavy latigo. Hat is taller in front than the back.
I recommend the hat have a good coating of Scotch Guard if it's to be worn in the rain. Duh-me, or beaver oil.
When the hat isn't being worn, I suggest it be placed on something that it fits on to, to aid in keeping the opening of the hat's shape. if it has gotten very wet, stuff it with a towel, shape the hat and allow to dry. I recommend avoiding getting it soaked.

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