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Assorted Pocket Knives
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Author:  Lil Bit [ 12 Sep 2006, 14:51 ]
Post subject:  Assorted Pocket Knives

Alrighty. Now, I'll be honest... most of these HAVE been played with. By me. Heehee. But, John and I have agreed to clean out this upstairs closet, which means stuff I've not fiddled with in the past year must go. *lesigh* Gives me an excuse to buy more.

So, here goes:

1 Tomahawk knives with finger guards. Locking. Black. Heavy metal handles, plastic grips. Nicely balanced. Still have a pretty good edge on them. No box. 5.00 a piece.


1 set of American Wildlife Collection knives. Good blades, but I hate the handles. Don't want to keep them because I think they look gawdy. Locking blades. Plastic handles with the little wildlife scenes poorly glued into place. There's 8 knives to the set, but I didn't like them for much other than 'beater' knives. So, 5.00 for the whole set. << SOLD PENDING >>

1 Northwest Territory tool set. Came with a multi/leatherman type tool, a flashlight, an itty bitty multi tool for your keychain, a larger swiss-army type multitool, and a knife. But, I kept the knife because I like it. So, it comes with everything else. Nothing else has been played with as I'm not a big fan of the color blue. So, I don't know the blade sharpness on the knives. But, I did put a couple of batteries in the flashlight and it works well, so you can keep the batteries. But, because of all the multitools, I'd like 15.00 for it. << SOLD PENDING >>

1 Chinese dagger with sheath. Got it for my halloween costume a couple years ago when I was a female ninja HeeeeYAH! I looked wicked cool. But, haven't used it since because it's kind of silly looking unless you collect knives. It's a fixed blade, hence the sheath. It's got little red tassles hanging from the handle. 2.50.


And last but not least:

A lansky sharpener. It has 3 stones (coarse, medium, fine). And, it's got the base, screws, three rods, and the oil (I used just a teeeensy bit and realized I suck at it.) 30 bucks. << Sold PENDING >>

A crappy little 35 mm camera. Good for the trapline. Got this one after I lost my digital camera in the field. But, then I got a crappy little digital camera from CVS and it works better imho. Free with the purchase of 10 dollars in knives. << SOLD PENDING >>

Trades of course are considered. Thanks. Oh, and one more thing, if you're under the age of 18 and wish to purchase these, I need to talk to your parents and get their okay with this. Some states won't let you have these if you're that young. K? Thanks.

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