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Squirrel or Rabbit Bog
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Author:  lance [ 25 Apr 2009, 21:45 ]
Post subject:  Squirrel or Rabbit Bog

Here is a recipe for squirrel or rabbit bog my wife make. You take 2 squirrel or 1 rabbit and cut it into pieces and sprinkle with salt and place in dutch oven or pot with enough water to cover completely.Add 1 onion,2 stalk of celery and pepper.Bring to a boil;cover and simmer until tender and easily pull off the bones.Remove the meat,saving the broth..Measure the broth (you just leave the onion and celery in)to make 4 cups liquid if you don't have enough just add water or chicken broth to make up the amount.Put back in to the pot.Add the meat to the liquid along ,with half a pound or little more of any type of smoke sausage or kielbasa cut into thin slices. With that add 1 cup of uncooked long-grain rice season with salt and pepper to taste.Stir all together.Bring to a boil,reduce heat,cover and simmer for about 30 minutes or untill most of broth is absorbed into the rice or untill rice grains are fluffly and tender.

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