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Sassy Shine
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Author:  Lil Bit [ 03 Sep 2006, 13:22 ]
Post subject:  Sassy Shine

Sasafrass Tea (either fresh or from concentrate, though I prefer fresh)
Mint Leaves

Crush mint leaves and add to strainer. Pour tea through mint leaves into 12 ounce glass. Add 2 tablespoons of Moonshine.

My drink of choice.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 04 Sep 2006, 11:22 ]
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Ok, I have to ask. Where do you get the 'shine? :D

Author:  Lil Bit [ 04 Sep 2006, 12:18 ]
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Uh.... there's a rock down in this cave in WV that just cries the stuff.. yeah.

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 08 Sep 2006, 01:04 ]
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:lol: can i go and see the rock?

Author:  Lil Bit [ 08 Sep 2006, 10:17 ]
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It's a moving rock. Hard to catch sometimes. :P

Author:  atomicfrizzen [ 18 Nov 2006, 00:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sassy Shine

I'm wondering,would it still be a good drink if a fella left out the tea and mint? Or have I just breathed in too much fox pee mist ? :oops:
anyhow sounds like sasafrass and bootlegg would be quite tasty.

Author:  Lil Bit [ 10 Dec 2006, 22:51 ]
Post subject: 

I like to steep strawberries in the jars of moonshine. Then you can nibble the strawberries. easier to consume than drinking straight.

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