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question about canning and lead shot
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Author:  doc9013 [ 21 Mar 2008, 21:11 ]
Post subject:  question about canning and lead shot

I have a question about home canning and lead shot. I can a lot of meat- deer, bear, squirrel, turkey. I canned some squirrels 2 years ago. Some were shot with a 22 and some with a shotgun. I was very careful to remove all the shot, but there is a chance I missed some. If you can meat that has lead shot in it, can it cause lead poisoning if you eat it?

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 21 Mar 2008, 22:13 ]
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Now that you brought it up.....is that canned bear meat from a bear shot with a solid bullet-arrow-or lead shot? :lol: I don't have a clue about the lead pellets....we can venison, but there are no lead pellets in the meat.

Author:  doc9013 [ 21 Mar 2008, 22:30 ]
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I don't think there's any shot in the squirrel I canned but I just got to thinking that if there is, maybe it could pose a health risk.

You don't have to worry about the bear, it was killed with a rifle, one shot.

Author:  BigMoo3 [ 21 Mar 2008, 22:45 ]
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i think it would take alot of lead to get you sick. but im not positive. ever notice on a label that a product contains lead that it only causes cancer in California? what about the other states?

Author:  Preacher [ 21 Mar 2008, 23:57 ]
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I think you'll be alright. It doesn't hurt you uncanned does it? I don't see why it would canned. The only reason they label lead as toxic is because it stays in your body for a LONG time. I'll talk to my Chemistry professor tuesday and see what he has to say though.

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 22 Mar 2008, 06:49 ]
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Just to be safe, you may want to go over the meat with a metal detector...of course you'd want to do it out behind the house so no one would see you.....might think you'd been a little too deep in the "shine". :lol:

Author:  doc9013 [ 22 Mar 2008, 08:36 ]
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I just got to wondering because of the banning of lead shot in waterfowl hunting. When I can my squirrel, I put a teaspoon of salt in the water. I'm not afraid of actually eating a pellet of lead shot, but I wondered if the lead shot in that saltwater might break down and contaminate the meat. Not really worried about myself, a little lead poisining can't hurt me- I'm already crazy- but I don't want to poison my daughter or anyone else.

Thanks Preacher, ask him about lead in water, if it breaks down over time.

Swamp Rat, do you think the shine would counteract any effects of lead poisoning? We could try a little experiment. :lol:

Author:  doc9013 [ 22 Mar 2008, 09:49 ]
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Preacher, are you a student at UT? I fished near there on Lake Tellico years ago. Tennessee is a beautiful state.

Author:  markjones [ 10 Mar 2009, 21:03 ]
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Stick with that .22 on tree rats you will never have an issue.

Author:  hemphillcreek [ 17 Mar 2009, 16:31 ]
Post subject:  lead

i dont know anybody personally who has been poison with lead.If you are not sure its safe,feed it to your dog or make animal lure with it if its legal to do so where you live!lol :shock:

Author:  redrooster [ 17 Mar 2009, 22:02 ]
Post subject:  lead

We all, as hunters, have lead in our systems. The canning of wild game should not cause any elevated lead level in you system. If you take vitimin C, it will reduce your lead level.

Author:  PaGrouseGuy [ 18 Mar 2009, 22:44 ]
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id be more worried about the old Milwaukee causin damage than the shot :lol: :lol:

Author:  Boomhawr [ 18 Mar 2009, 22:47 ]
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I've seen this discussion before, but I don't remember where or what was decided. :?

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