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venison breakfast sausage
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Author:  benelli7979 [ 04 Mar 2008, 12:32 ]
Post subject:  venison breakfast sausage

Me and a friend made up some deer breakfast sausage this year about 30lb deer
15lb pork fat
1/4 cup sage
1/2 cup salt
2 tbs sugar
4tbs chayenne pepper

grind deer and pork fat together. Mix dry indgredients together and mix with meat. pres into bags and freeze. cook like regular sausage.

this has been really good. other may have to season to their own taste. mix this together and cook a small patty. If you dont like try different spices or amounts of spices.

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 04 Mar 2008, 13:43 ]
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You are correct about making some fine pan sausage using your venison. I made quite a bit this winter too. I used Leggs Old Plantation Sausage seasoning which is one of the sponsors for this forum site. Instead of mixing pork, I used an equal amount of bacon trimmings that can be bought in the bulk at our local supermarkets. It gives the sausage a smoked flavor and adds the needed pork. Legg's has a variety of seasonings that should fill the bill for anyone who likes making the sausage at home. I ground my meat twice.

Author:  benelli7979 [ 04 Mar 2008, 23:26 ]
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We have a good slaughtering/ butcher shop close and went there for bulk pork fat. we ground twice also. makes it blind better

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