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Grilled Trout Recipe....(My own)
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Author:  PAtrapper [ 24 May 2007, 17:20 ]
Post subject:  Grilled Trout Recipe....(My own)

Okay all after a pretty succesful trout season I decided to make my own recipe and try. I dont have exact measurments for everything but I basically just eye ball it. Here it goes..

1. Take your trout/fillets and rinse them under cold water just to clean them up since they have probably been in the freezer before this.

2. Salt and Pepper both sides of the trout/fillets.

3. Sprinkle Lemon and Herb grill mix on just the meat side of the trout/fillet.(comes in a shaker)

4. Cut up some rings of lemon and onion.

5. Place rings on the meat side of the trout/fillets.

6. Put two slices of butter on the meat side of the trout/fillets.

7. Add 2-4 Sprigs of fresh dill.

8. Wrap the final product in foil.

9. Place on grill and turn it every 7 minutes for a total of 14-15 minutes.

10. Unwrap and enjoy!


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