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Trappers wanted
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Author:  woodash [ 24 Feb 2010, 15:34 ]
Post subject:  Trappers wanted

Hello there. My name is Ashley Adkins I am 19 and live in the UK.
I have been researching trapping for a while now and think the life style of a trapper looks really good and I would really enjoy it/ love to learn more about it. Unfortunately trapping isn’t done here in the UK like you guys do it and I would really like a career in trapping. I was planning a trip to Canada for a few months in the fall and was wondering if there were any trappers in Canada who would be willing to invite me to stay with them for a few weeks during the trapping season to help out on the trap line and learn all about trapping and the life of a trapper. Ideally in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Anywhere else is ok but I can’t speak French. I am fit and active and very willing to listen and learn. It would be a dream come true for me if some one could help me out with this. I was hoping to stay with a few different trappers in different areas, staying with one for a few weeks and then staying with another so as I could get a broader view of what trapping is like. If anyone is interested or knows anyone who would be willing to help or wants to know more about me just PM me.
I will try and attach a picture of myself so you know who your talking to.
I am going to put this on a few forums so as to get more chance of a response.

Thanks Ash.


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