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Bear Hunting
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Author:  Swamp Rat [ 29 Feb 2008, 16:48 ]
Post subject:  Bear Hunting

Do any of you hunt black bear in Virginia? I just finished reading an article in Petersen's Hunting magazine (April 2008) titled Tracking Trophy Bruins. It list the VA's Geo Washington Nat'l Forest (with more than 1 million total acres) as having up to 3.5 bears per square mile. Other than taking a chance of getting lost in a million plus acres, it sounds like the bear hunting would be good. If any of you bear hunt, let me know.

Swamp Rat

Author:  simonG [ 02 Apr 2008, 14:48 ]
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Maine , swamp rat, maine is the place to go.

running bears everywheer else is practice for maine. VA is good because of the late season but Maine has more bears than you can imagine.

pete richardson trees over 100 bears a year, link topic and email for him, nice 500 pound black bear.

http://www.coonhounds.com/Photos/pages2 ... 53637.html

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 02 Apr 2008, 20:29 ]
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SG- my desire to black bear hunt in either VA or WV is a two-edged sword...I have two daughters and a grandson who live on the west side of Virginia.....it would be a hunting trip and a visit. I am hoping that West Virginia enacts a September season this year, instead of a December only. I have nothing against bear hunting in Maine....just a long way and have no contacts there.

Author:  MEtrapper [ 02 Apr 2008, 21:29 ]
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Never hunted bear in VA…plenty of bears up here in the Pine Tree state. A quick all to a Roanoake area state biologist could turn you on to some good bear areas I bet Swamp Rat.

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 02 Apr 2008, 21:47 ]
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doc9013 is working on hooking me up with some bear hunters over in WV either in Sept or Dec. I am going to be out in his area in 3 weeks to visit my daughters and will see what he has found out. I have never even seen a bear in the wild.

Author:  Woodsman [ 03 Apr 2008, 21:09 ]
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MEtrapper i'm goin huntin bear up there next year
the guide is even puttin yote bait out for us for yotes

Author:  MEtrapper [ 05 Apr 2008, 07:06 ]
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The bear hunt is always a good time. So many hunters pay to come up here that no matter how many times the antis try and end bear hunting over bait, it gets shot down by the people. Even in the northwoods August and September can be pretty warm, and the black flies will not have died off yet…still, any day spent looking for bruins is a good day. The guide is the best way to go in my opinion unless you have a lot of free time to spend baiting half a dozen sites and looking for bears.

A lot of guides are using coyote hunts now to help get by in between seasons, and the old song dog is barely protected in the Pine Tree state. Bait works really well and the shots are all gonna be up close in the woods.

Fur might not be prime, but every coyote harvested saves a deer, and with over 200 inches of snow in places, the deer herd is going to need a lot of help this year. There could be a 30 percent mortality rate in the deer population over the winter…we’ll wait and see.

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