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Trapping for fox
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Author:  firechief [ 12 Jun 2007, 07:48 ]
Post subject:  Trapping for fox

I spend a great deal of time trapping for fox and coyotes using leg holds. I have a friend with a fox problem chasing his cats and chickens in his yard. My problem is he only wants me to use cage traps to get rid of the gray fox. Any tips or suggestions on how to lure a fox in a cage trap?

Author:  MEtrapper [ 12 Jun 2007, 19:50 ]
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Pray hard...I don't think I've ever heard of foxes entering a cage trap. Certianly not an experienced adult anyway.

I'd try a cubby set situation by concealing the cage with brush or cloth, but again, foxes aren't known for being likely to enter even a "natural" looking cubby.

At least its a gray fox...reds are evn more paranoid. If its an option, try hunting it by calling at dawn or dusk. A cat in distress sound would be perfect, but it's been a while since I checked VA's hunting regs so I can't say whether that's legal or not.

Author:  firechief [ 19 Jun 2007, 07:00 ]
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Caught the fox in a cage using a honey bun. No floor cover or outside cover. Just a cage with a honey bun. Can you believe it?

Author:  MEtrapper [ 19 Jun 2007, 16:17 ]
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I love the sweet stuff. I might have to try that this season. Good job on catching it though. Got any pics?

Author:  firechief [ 20 Jun 2007, 06:49 ]
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Yeah, I'll post them tonight.

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