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How did you get started?
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Author:  hotwire [ 04 May 2010, 18:45 ]
Post subject:  How did you get started?

Just curious as to how/why you got started in ADC/NWC? And how many box/cage traps did you start with?

I got into it at the suggestion of some folks at the DNR who had gotten me to do a few jobs for them, and I started with 2 home made box traps, an Aldritch type bear snare, 2 x 110's, 2 x 220's, 1 x 330 and an assortment of leg hold traps. I made six more box traps, but most of my jobs were to dispatch/euthanize my catches. It was not easy to do the ADC job along with a full time job and 5 kids along with a sick wife.

I am seriously thinking of getting geared up to do it as a professional business now that I'm retarded, um I ment retired :lol: This would be a registered business keeping books and making legaly binding work orders for the work.

Author:  Nelson [ 05 May 2010, 05:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: How did you get started?

I don't do much actual adc work but I am an agent for it. I bumped into an adc guy on my trapline one day. He was there hunting and told me about his adc work in eastern Maine trapping and re-locating bears from the blue berry land out there. He said they need all kinds of trappers and I should check into it. I did. I have had a couple paying gigs but havn't been going after it like I could. I neighbor of mine said that a near by commercial service gets $550 a week to set traps for anything. There is some serious money there if you work it.

Author:  fuzz269 [ 05 May 2010, 10:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: How did you get started?

I am tryin to get into it but every one in my area still has a .22 and takes care of most problems themself,,,,,might not be good for buiness but nice to have nabors with guns :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Author:  tjtrappingllc [ 06 May 2010, 18:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: How did you get started?

I started out just having fun catching critters in the woods around my house, and for friends who needed something removed, then I registered on the Florida Wildlife Commission website as a nuisance animal trapper, and started to get a few calls for pay. I decided since I was buying traps and supplies, I might as well get a business license..
an LLC so I could at least have a tax write off for my mileage and supplies. After that I took out a few cheap adds in local papers and free classified add papers. I'm not loading the bank but am having some calls from the wealthier areas of the Northwest Florida beach area. Most of those folks are scared of their own shadow and would rather call someone than deal with it themselves. Raccoons, opposoms, ferel cats etc. I've had calls from people wanting me to catch honey bee swarms. I haven't tried that yet, It would take more supplies and research. I've had a couple of people wanting me to catch wild feral hogs and just let me keep them for pay. I tell them I don't want wild hogs, domestics taste better :D Good luck with retirement, but don't count on catching Bill Gates in the Fortune 500 trapping nuisance critters.

Author:  hotwire [ 07 May 2010, 08:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: How did you get started?

tjtrappingllc wrote:
:D Good luck with retirement, but don't count on catching Bill Gates in the Fortune 500 trapping nuisance critters.

:lol: Thanks! I have no vissions of the bank vault not being big enough to hold all my earnings as a NWCO. Much like you said it will more than likely be a tax shelter of sorts and a paying/break even hobby with a business license. :wink:

Author:  peace keeper [ 07 May 2010, 22:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: How did you get started?

HW i started out much the same as TJ but also increased buis. after putting an ad in the ph book then made the local paper during a big job i was doing the ad wasnt good but it brought me a lot of buis on the commercial side the more time you put into it the bigger it will get right now the buis. keeps the kids happy and dad in shape when the kids are gone it will be mine and my wifes retirement it now brings in more than my day job wich is more than enough for us to retire on good luck in your ventures

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