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Author:  nhcruffler [ 20 Oct 2009, 08:32 ]
Post subject:  How Long

How long do you leave traps out for a client? Basically I am talking about a few different scenarios. One with larger critters such as skunks. The client thinks they are there but you have the feeling they have left. And you are catching nothing in the traps. How long would you leave the trap at this location? Another is those darn noises in the walls. I set a bunch of traps , catch some mice, moles & squirrels and the noises stop. Then a week or two latter they start hearing noises again. On this job I believe the noises are mice and they will always find a way inside. How many times do you go back? Do you charge per visit? Any thoughts on operating procedures would be helpful. Thanks, NH

Author:  backwoodsman [ 20 Oct 2009, 10:19 ]
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It would depend on how you charge, by the critter, job or day. A few days after seeing no fresh sign, catch's etc I would probably pull them.

Author:  Critter Control [ 20 Oct 2009, 15:40 ]
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with Skunks etc you can often find where they are entering, for instance under a deck. plug the entry with crumpled newspaper. If they are there they will push it out. If it stays undisturbed for a copule of days I would pull the trap.

Author:  peace keeper [ 20 Oct 2009, 21:17 ]
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hey nh cc has some good points after i pull the traps i give a 14 day call back with no setup fee over 14 daye they pay all over againas for telling what ypur dealing with you can use flower infront of the hole to catch tracks and you will know exactly what is entering the hole

Author:  nhcruffler [ 21 Oct 2009, 11:29 ]
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All good replies. Newspaper & flour. Now that makes sense. I really only had one job where something was pulling insulation out onto the walkway. It did smell a bit skunky but after more than a week I pulled the cage traps and left. In hind thought I should have set some rat & mouse traps. Could have been a field mouse making the mess. Another one I have is a lake cottage that is only used in the Summer. Client is afraid of squirrels setting up house for the Winter. I set out some traps and caught some red squirrels and lots of moles & mice. The noises stopped. Then about a week - ten days latter the noises where back. We could probably keep going like this indefinitely unless he gets serious about a major exclusion effort. But until then how would you charge to go out and check some rat & mouse traps at cottage? Are you guys adding in mileage & charging per trip? Or just by the job. NH

Author:  peace keeper [ 21 Oct 2009, 18:22 ]
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hey nh in town i dont charge milage any thing out side of the city limits i charge .85 cents a mile to and from but on private sector jobs i charge a set up fee and a head fee if i charge a hourly fee its a two hr minimium plus milage if waranted

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