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Author:  nhcruffler [ 17 Aug 2009, 09:59 ]
Post subject:  Clothing

I would like to look more professional and need to get some embroidered hats & shirts. Anyone know where I can get just a few made? Most places charge an arm & leg and you have to buy large numbers. Oh, and I also need to get a magnetic sign for my Jeep Cherokee. Thanks, nh

Author:  fuzz269 [ 17 Aug 2009, 10:12 ]
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I had jackets and some other stuff done at a local proma shop, the first one is expencise to get your logo in the stichin machien but after that it was resonable. I bet you could a shop like this in your area to.

Author:  Mohawk [ 17 Aug 2009, 21:21 ]
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I'll bet Lone could whup up a magnetic sign for you if you wanted him to. :wink:

Author:  peace keeper [ 20 Aug 2009, 17:28 ]
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hey nh would stear away from magnetics they dont stay on a rig to well and for the price its cheaper and looks better if you go down and by mailbox lettering and do it your self ill go take a pic and show you what i mean.as for shirts screen print is way cheeper doesnt look as good but gets the point across i have a place here that you can order as many or as little as you want for example my first buy from them was 2 hats ill talk to my wife cuz she handles that and get you their web site

Author:  peace keeper [ 20 Aug 2009, 19:26 ]
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here you go nh good old redneck advertisement
web address is www.wildroseembroidery.com
ph 1503-695-2198

Author:  nhcruffler [ 20 Aug 2009, 20:40 ]
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This week has jsut flown by. Thanks for the replies. Makes me think of of my first busness doing contract janitorial in Michigan back in 80. My first hats were not spelled correctly and sure enough the magnetic sign fell off (or might have been stolen at a bar). I was a lot younger then. I like that hat peacekeeper. You did a good job on the truck also. I think that is kinda the trapping mindset. Why buy it if I can make it. A gal at work that does our graphics says she would print up some lettering for my Cherokee. So that leaves the hats a few shirts. I will price around and see what looks resonable. I am sure I will find something soon. NH

Author:  peace keeper [ 20 Aug 2009, 23:10 ]
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those hats where done by the web address i posted under the hats she has a laser printer and will do onse twose dont have to be big ordersmight be worth checking out :?:

Author:  TrapperKD [ 25 Aug 2009, 08:34 ]
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If you are talking about hats and shirts and want to keep it cheap... don't ask for any graphics (pictures) and keep everything a single color.

Author:  Beaverinbob [ 24 Sep 2009, 15:05 ]
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I got some O D green t-shirts and used fabric paint and stencils to put my logo and name on the shirt. As for the truck. I used a couple of old roadsigns and sprayed the white. Then I used stencils and spray paint. Finished it off with a hole per corner and some high gloss spray and zip tie it to the side boxes on my truck. It looks great and looks like a professional did it. Cost me about $40 for the signs and shirts. Good Luck.

Author:  nhcruffler [ 24 Sep 2009, 21:52 ]
Post subject: 

That is being creative beaverinbob. There just happens to be an anoying speed limit sign just down the road :lol: Just kidding. It does go to show how thinking outside the box can save you some dough. Things have been pretty busy and I have not had a chance to do anything with the shirts or signs yet. Thanks for the idea, NH

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