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Author:  peace keeper [ 05 Aug 2009, 14:53 ]

Not trying to brag .just extreamly happy just landed big coon job at an old folks home. it sits in between 7acre pond and the river on 24 acres.i have been trapping moles here for 2 years and since the heat hit the racoons have ben in the grass rototilling it for them they are not appreciative but i am will send picks. i set up tomorrow.for those of you starting out doing damage control by word of mouth.it may seam slow at first but stick it out it just gets better and better :D :D :D :D

Author:  Nelson [ 06 Aug 2009, 05:33 ]
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In your state, can you keep the furs? I got a couple coon last month and of course the fur is not prime but it sure was pretty. I skun em and put them in the freezer to be tanned later. I know some hat makers that could make some nice hats with them.

Author:  peace keeper [ 06 Aug 2009, 16:57 ]
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unfortunately no we use to be able to relocate till 2 years ago some animals we still can relocate but coons have to be euthinized.and any fur berrer taken under damage control out of season has to be destroyed.screwed up law but in one sence i can see their point.most people around here are liberal anties anyway so they here that you have to euthinize and they descide the animal is not that big of a problem.but if its non game specie like coyote ore nutria i can due what ever i want with it.

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