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Coons in/around a barn with cats
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Author:  Beaverinbob [ 18 Jul 2009, 21:13 ]
Post subject:  Coons in/around a barn with cats

I need some recommendations. The neighbor (an anti) next to the farm I run keeps letting this one nuisance trapper release on his land. They come down to our barns and move in. I have shot four and trapped two. I have two cage traps, three leg holds and two coon cuffs se around the barn, mostly out back, but we have one smart one who stays away from my traps. I have used horse feed (their favorite food), anise, fish oil, Leggett's coon lure and honey and vanilla. Nothing is working for this guy. The only thing I have caught is the bloody barn cats. Can anyone recommend some lures or sets to use. So far the sets I have used for the legholds are dirt hole sets, log sets over the creek. and run sets.

Author:  backwoodsman [ 19 Jul 2009, 10:37 ]
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First I'd check to see if its legal for the critters to be dumped there. Ive found sweet lures/baits or minty lures and baits to work good this time of year. Without seeing the area its hard to say where to set, maybe try close to its den etc?

Author:  Trapper Steve [ 23 Jul 2009, 11:36 ]
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bob , this might help , you said you use a log set over the creek ? try placing a foot hold in shallow water so the water covers the pan then put a crawfish , minniow , tinfoil ect and secure it to the pan . you can use a drowning rig ,or tangle stake if the water is deep enough good luck TS

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