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Author:  sagerat [ 01 Apr 2009, 11:21 ]
Post subject:  Curious??

Does anyone do any pocket gopher trapping?
If you do what type of traps do you use and your genral set up?
How do you go about your gopher trapping?

Author:  Deertag [ 01 Apr 2009, 11:30 ]
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well you go about gopher trapping by starting with a pellet gun. If that dont work, a 12 GA shotgun with duck loads. And if that dont work for ya then id suggest calling up and renting a tank from a army...Good luck to ya!!! :D :twisted:

Author:  trappintime [ 01 Apr 2009, 12:02 ]
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Being old school I still use small leg holds a lot. 0 or #1 ongspring. I find a fresh push up and dig down the hole to find the main trail. Set the trap on the main tunnel. I cover the hole with tarpaper or something to keep the light out. There are some really good mole traps out there but they are pricey [in my opinion, and I'm cheap]. Whatever trap you use don't forget to stake it down or some critter will come along for a free lunch and take your trap as well[this would be experience talking].

Author:  sagerat [ 01 Apr 2009, 15:23 ]
Post subject: 

I was more curious if there were some gopher trappers on here.

Been trapping them for 40 years or so.

Turned it into a spring business about 30 years ago.
Spring weather and bad knee and back have slowed me down this spring. Hoping to really get started by the up and coming weekend.

Never used #1's or 0's foot traps, always used gopher type traps.
Always figured way to much extra work with a regular foot trap.

Author:  mike foreman [ 17 Apr 2009, 23:11 ]
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Turn a #1 upside down on the entrance & cover with grass, catch em by
the head instead of the foot, (foothold conversion to bodygripper)

Author:  countryboy [ 09 Jun 2009, 22:36 ]
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Yea I was at a guys place the other day down in south central illinois and he did the upside down trap thing i didnt think it would work but he said he caught a few that way. Good luck

Author:  backwoodsman [ 11 Jun 2009, 19:22 ]
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Gramps used to set footholds in 'rat runs with two sticks behind them so they'd be up at an angle, probably a 30 degree angle? 'rats were caught high on the frontleg and if he was using no.2's or bigger he had head catchs just like coni's etc., hair trigger.

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