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My adc attempt
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Author:  Mohawk [ 10 Mar 2009, 20:59 ]
Post subject:  My adc attempt

Well tonight I got to throw my hat in the ADC ring. A contractor we use at work called me and wanted me to see if I could catch some yotes that are picking off his newborn calves. He has lost 1 this year already and his cows are just getting started calving. I went out there and he has mostly open pasture with a few draws so it is pretty hard to pinch them down. Fortunatly there are some fences that I could see where they had been crossing. I don't have much for footholds for trapping yotes so I hung some snares hoping to help the guy out. Sure would be nice if I could add a yote or 2 to my #'s for this season. I put out a trail set with a 12" loop about 10" high, and the fence crossing snares were mostly 10" loops almost touching the ground. Does this sound like it will work guys? The fence is woven wire and it is pretty evident that they are going under.

Author:  hemphillcreek [ 13 Mar 2009, 00:24 ]
Post subject:  snaring -em

I think it got a good chance of getting them yotes........Some of the great experienced snare men need to shed shed some light on this set up................................hum,maybe i re write your post in spanish and it will get some tips!lol :shock:

Author:  Boomhawr [ 13 Mar 2009, 09:47 ]
Post subject: 

:lol: Hemp! :lol:

I only got 2 so far, but the trail sets you described is what I used. 12" loop 12" off the ground (10" off the ground for the first 1 I caught). I don't have as many under my belt as some of the others, but That is how I got the ones I did. Hadn't tried in the fence cause of my horse, though, but sounds like a good start at trying to me. Good luck and show us the pics of it working. :D

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