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animal control license
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Author:  countryboy [ 21 Feb 2009, 21:06 ]
Post subject:  animal control license

I was wondering if anybody in illinois had ther professional trappers license or nusiance animal license? Ive heard its hard to get but id like to give it a shot. I have had several offers to get rid of coons and posums out of peoples yards in town but dont have a license to do it out of season. If any of you have it i would be interested in getting info. Ive tried the dnr website but got nothing on the subject. thanks

Author:  illtrapper2 [ 22 Feb 2009, 23:44 ]
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I've been pondering the same thing, run a search on this web site, Illinois Conservation Law- Living With Wildlife, I think it has the information your looking for!

Author:  Boomhawr [ 22 Feb 2009, 23:46 ]
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Beaverboy has his for Texas. He told me I'd have to take classes and apprentise under someone licensed.

Author:  spike [ 23 Feb 2009, 14:26 ]
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Just for the heck of it i checked minnesota regs. Here all a person has to do is apply for a one year nusiance animal permit.

Author:  countryboy [ 23 Feb 2009, 16:54 ]
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ok thanks for the input

Author:  mike foreman [ 03 Mar 2009, 00:03 ]
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Country boy, Find out what "region you live in & call the regional office
they"ll get yer info. & send ya a package of info to study. The license
is only a 1yr thing & ya have ta renew every yr, it goes from jan. to jan.

Author:  Beaverboy [ 03 Mar 2009, 12:14 ]
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Boomhawr wrote:
Beaverboy has his for Texas. He told me I'd have to take classes and apprentise under someone licensed.

as far as I know thats only in Texas.

Author:  Boomhawr [ 03 Mar 2009, 12:53 ]
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Was wondering if when you'd get in on this one. :lol: That's why I specified that you have yours here. Every states differant aren't they?

Author:  countryboy [ 07 Mar 2009, 20:54 ]
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thanks mike. I live in region 3 so the office is in Clinton i think. Will they mail it or do i have to pick it up? Also do you know if there is an age limit on it Im only 14.

Author:  Beaverboy [ 09 Mar 2009, 06:49 ]
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You have to be eighteen to be insured. if you make a mistake at 14 the client could sue the pants off your parents.

Author:  mike foreman [ 10 Mar 2009, 23:16 ]
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Probably, Call em they'll send the packet to you, if there is no age limit.
I just found out the Ill. has a law in place that restricts ALL minors from carring a rifle (22 included) you can't even carry rounds in your pocket.
BUT it's ok for a kid ta take a gun safety course & go shotgun deer huntin
with 11/8 oz of lead in a rifled barreled slug gun that will shoot 2 in.
groupings @100yds. THIS SUCKS this means that any kid that wants to trap has to carry a club & or a choke stick to put his catch down, that aint

Author:  mike foreman [ 10 Mar 2009, 23:25 ]
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Hey country, give me yer ph # & I'll give ya a call.

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