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Skunks and stupid people
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Author:  Beaverinbob [ 28 Sep 2008, 13:12 ]
Post subject:  Skunks and stupid people

I just had this incident happen at work and thought everyone would like a good laugh. I work in a small National Park Service Site and have been doing som nuisance work for woodchuck. My boss decides he can do it too (no training or clue) and sets up a 330 in a hole (illegal in NY, I loved ticketing him, but more on that later) under our trailer complex, and a few cage traps around the park.

About a week ago I get a call from him at 6 in the morning. He has a skunk in a trap. "Nice, relocate itor kill it, see you in the office at nine." Click, back to bed. Phone rings again, it had gotten into the 330. "Congrats it is dead, G'night." Click, back to bed. Phone rings AGAIN. It is alive, some how the little stinker had gotten his tail caught and nothing else.

So I roll out of bed haul (I'm an idiot, I just tried to cheat the profanity filter) over to work, on with the rubber boots and golves and out we go to deal with said critter. The boss says, "I'll help." I see the trap and tell him we need to talk later, and set to work. I take the two stakes out of the ground and hand him the chain,"Hold this DON"T pull." What does numb nuts do? He pulls. I explain as I see him attempting it that the trap is on the skunk with lots of pressure and only releasing the pressure will allow the stinker out. Not good enough, he starts pulling. I mean time have covered the skunk with an old bath towel to calm it and have released one spring. Geniusboy pulls again. Skunk goes off, all over the boss' uniform pants and boots. I release the last spring and where does the skunk go? Right back under the building, uner the Lunchroom, right next to the Boss' office.

Now that the main issues has been done I assess the situation, ticket the boss with an explaination of the law, tell him how to wash off his clothes and the outside of the trailer, return my gear to the storage room and go back home. Best part, he has to ride patrol and has one setof uniform clothes, and I call in sick. God has a sense of humor with idiots.

Author:  sksman [ 28 Sep 2008, 20:04 ]
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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  fuzz269 [ 28 Sep 2008, 22:54 ]
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Nice vary nice LOL

Author:  mike foreman [ 29 Sep 2008, 23:18 ]
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Yep Idiots make me look sooo smart, & i"ll be the 1st to admit that I
am not real intelligent, fair common sence that's about it.Have ya ever heard of the "Darwin awards" it's a website where they give people
a POSTUMUS award for the idiotic thing that they did that killed them.
you know like heating gasoline up on the stove to put in thier cold car.
My kid showed me this at christmas we laughed untill the tears were so
bad we couldn't read anymore.

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