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Author:  Beaverinbob [ 09 Sep 2008, 10:09 ]
Post subject:  Woodchucks

I have been hired to remove some nuisance woodchucks at the National Park I work in. They are burrowing under the trailers in our office complex and damaging other buildings in themore remote areas of the park. In the remote areas I am using conibears onver the holes with great success. But it is around the buildings where I am having issues. I have excluded them from using any but two holes to leave the buildings, these holes have cage traps with nose cones over them. The problem I am having is getting the little ******* into the cages (I know they are still there as I can hear them under my office floor occassionally). I am used to using conibears and not having to worry about the public seeing the traps, so cage trapping is new to me. I am using camo netting over the cages and natural vegitation to hide the traps from the public, but the critters aren't going into the traps. I have been using apples as bait, can anyone make any recommendations for some way to better intise the little buggers into the traps? Any help would be appreciated as we have a huge woodchuck population and I need to get this problem under control.

Author:  Chieftain [ 10 Sep 2008, 04:26 ]
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For ground hog's I sometimes spread a layer of fresh dirt in the bottom of the cage [make sure the dirt won't interfere with the door closing....I'm trapping some right now that are eating in a orchard..peach's might draw them in ,or a ear of corn...keep switching bait's till you find something they can't resist.....

Author:  Houndsman [ 10 Sep 2008, 16:42 ]
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i don't know why your havin troubles. i used to catch them with cages all the time before i got some 160 conibears. all i did was set the cage about four feet from the hole with a cut up apple in the back of the cage. caught them without any problems.

Author:  mike foreman [ 12 Sep 2008, 23:41 ]
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I think houndsman is on to something, it might be the "forced entry"
by putting it rite in front of the entrance, move it to one side with bait in it.
and like he said keep changing the bait or adding more so temptation is too much. good luck

Author:  Chieftain [ 13 Sep 2008, 05:25 ]
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I caught four whistle pig's this week all on peach's .......

Author:  Beaverinbob [ 05 Oct 2008, 09:28 ]
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Problem solved! I couldn't exclude them from the buildings because I couldn't dicg down for fear of hitting the cable hookup. One of my coworkers doing some residing ripped off the cable (oops!). As such, I was able to put in the rat wall sthe proper way and make the critters go into the traps. From the buildings four hogs and counting, from the back area near the neighboring farm six. I would say that the traps work.

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