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State Regulations
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Author:  Lil Bit [ 03 Sep 2006, 13:12 ]
Post subject:  State Regulations

What do you have to do in your state to get a license, and what species are on your list?

In Massachusetts, aside from taking the trappers education and obtaining a license and trap registration number (each trap must be engraved with the number, a tag does not suffice), you must also take a problem animal control test.

Ironically, the animal we have problems with the most (beavers) are not on the list to be trapped out of season by problem animal control trappers.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 04 Sep 2006, 11:13 ]
Post subject: 

In Wisconsin, new trappers have to attend and pass a Trapper's Education course. If you trapped before 1992 you do not have to take the class. So older folks, like me, :wink: can just go buy a license. Traps have to be tagged with name and address.

There is also a provision for landowners to trap certain animals on their own property without buying a license.

Here's a link to last year's WI Trapping regulations-- http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/land/wildlife/regs/05TrappingRegs.pdf

Author:  Lil Bit [ 04 Sep 2006, 12:16 ]
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An ironic twist, since 1996, ALL trappers have to re-take trappers education, even if they've taken it before 1996, because of the new trapping laws and the use of bailey and hancock type traps. You have to take the entire course again, just for the 15 minute segment on bailey and hancock type traps. Otherwise, they aren't supposed to issue you a trappers license.

Author:  whitetailaddict [ 06 Sep 2006, 16:09 ]
Post subject: 

In wisconsin there is no "licesnse" per say for ADC work. You need either a small game or trapping license though. Written permission is also a requisite for out of season animal control work. WTA

Author:  mink1574 [ 06 Sep 2006, 20:45 ]
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Indiana,have to take a test,have a certain percintile on it. then when ya apply :state what animals you want to capture,what counties you want to operate in, and if ya do migrtory birds ,list yourfed.# hafta keep records available for C.O. review,do a yearly report with # of animals caught by specie,where caught,how disposed of:released,euthanized: method used to euthanize, lotta stuff to keep track of. I dont carry one anymore,people calling in the middle of the night,etc. I will do for people I have permission on, my old C.O. would call and beg ,threaten ,whatever he could,to get me to handle stuff for him. Said "I dont care bout no license,go gittr done"

Author:  mink1574 [ 06 Sep 2006, 21:53 ]
Post subject: 

well maybe i spoke to soon, seems the just changed the law, ya could always take whatever with written permission from landowner doing control, From what ive heard now even landowner cant trap their own land out of season,dosnt affect ADC license holders. gonna hafta get it back now. :evil: gotta check it all out,those blankitty blank do gooders in the capital

Author:  Lil Bit [ 07 Sep 2006, 00:37 ]
Post subject: 

The laws are always changing, and that's their favorite excuse up here: It's your responsibilty to know the law.

Author:  MEtrapper [ 09 Sep 2006, 09:21 ]
Post subject: 

In Maine, all you need to do is pass a Trapper Education class, buy the license, and tag your traps. Of course, there are other regs like checking traps and what kinds of traps can be used, but every state has some of those...

Author:  Lil Bit [ 09 Sep 2006, 10:07 ]
Post subject: 

That's the truth. :)

Author:  mink1574 [ 09 Sep 2006, 11:43 ]
Post subject: 

well we have checked into this further,seems DNR had a typo,so things havnt changed after all, :D

Author:  Lil Bit [ 09 Sep 2006, 17:22 ]
Post subject: 

Yay. No worries then.

Author:  TrappinJohn [ 09 Sep 2006, 19:57 ]
Post subject: 

In PA you must submit an application to your local WCO. He will approve it based on your experience with wild animals and trapping experience. If you are approved, you must then pass a test at the regional office to get your ADC permit.

Author:  MEtrapper [ 09 Sep 2006, 20:47 ]
Post subject: 

ADC is a seperate license here. Even the officers with the state government have to be licensed trappers like me before they can apply for their control officer classification. They have a few perks though...they can snare all nuisance animals and the rest of us can only snare beaver.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 09 Sep 2006, 21:34 ]
Post subject: 

John, it seems like that system would leave the door open for a lot of personal opinion and bias. Has anyone been turned down because they did not get along with the WCO?

Author:  TrappinJohn [ 11 Sep 2006, 17:34 ]
Post subject: 


I never really gave it much thought, but your right. I don't know of anyone getting turned down. I heard of a couple guys that didn't pass the test. I'm told it's pretty tough.

I got the application and talked to our WCO last spring but never sent it in. Not sure I want the hassles. I work a lot of hours at my regular job.

We only have a couple ADC guys in our area. Maybe someday.


Author:  brady712 [ 11 Feb 2007, 19:26 ]
Post subject: 

What do they require in WV?

Author:  Beaverinbob [ 30 Aug 2008, 13:50 ]
Post subject: 

In NY you need a trappers education class (12 hours) and a trapping license. As for what you can trap, Beaver, Oppossum, River Otter (in some sections only) Pine Marten (in some areas only), fischer, Raccoon, Red Fox, Grey Fox, Coyote, Mink, Bobcat and Skunk. All of these have certain sections of the state where it is never legal to trap them unless it is for Nuisance work. Likewise, all of these can be hunted except for beaver.

Author:  Chieftain [ 02 Sep 2008, 15:50 ]
Post subject: 

I do two trapping classes a year hear in ILL.[won't be much longer unless more people sign up].I ask our local game warden to come by the class ,He passes out the Game law's and let's everybody look them over .Then he will awnser any question's the student's might have.I can tell you by having him there that he solves a lot of problem's that might come up for a new trapper or a older trapper that need's to know any changes that have happened in the game law's...He come's on his own time to help out and I just can't thank him enough.....I get animal damage control permit's at my local DNR office or a call to the warden and he will come by and issue me one....

Author:  ridgerunner [ 02 Nov 2008, 20:33 ]
Post subject: 

in ga you just send money for lisins

Author:  Boomhawr [ 02 Nov 2008, 20:53 ]
Post subject: 

Just walk in to Wal-mart (or any sporting goods store) and buy ya one for $18.50. No class required.

This years trappinr regs can be seen at: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/publication ... 0_0065.pdf

Other info: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/publication ... t/nongame/

Fur Bearing Animals list: Badger, Beaver, Fox, Mink, Muskrat, Nutria, Opossum, Otter, Raccoon, Ring-tailed cat, Skunk.

Non-game animals list: Armadillos*, Bobcats*, Coyotes*, Flying squirrels, Frogs, Ground squirrels, Mountain lions,
Porcupines, Prairie dogs, Rabbits, Turtles.

*BOBCAT pelts sold, purchased, traded, transported or shipped out of state must have a pelt tag (CITES) attached. A pelt tag must be attached prior to being transported or shipped out of this state.

Live *COYOTES are currently under a statewide rabies quarantine that prohibits them from being transported or sold in Texas.

*ARMADILLOS: Possession and sale of live armadillos is restricted.

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