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First Time - How to trap a fox?
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Author:  JohnJohn [ 28 Jul 2008, 16:12 ]
Post subject:  First Time - How to trap a fox?

I searched the site but did not find exactly what I was looking for.

I live in norther VA, I bow hunt, and live on 10 acres of land. I had 6 chickens in a solid coup but the weather got to part of the wood and the foxes got in. I lost two chickens and spent a couple of hours fixing the weak spots.
A few days later the foxes moved some rocks and were able to dig under and got all but one chicken.
I installed chicken wire all over the floor of the coup and feel it is 99% safe now.

I called my local game warden and got permission to shoot or trap the foxes.

I have coyote and bobcats in my area but I am 99% sure it is the Red Foxes that are doing this. There is a den just 100 yards into my neighbors property.

I have purchased two #2 coil spring foot hold traps but after 3 days of trying I need help.

At first I tied ham to the foot trigger but they ate it out.
Then I used wire to hold the ham down but they ate it again without triggering the trap.

I now have a funnel with the trap under leaves and some ham in front of the trap but am not sure if this is correct.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: I am planning on tanning the hid if I get lucky.

Author:  illtrapper2 [ 29 Jul 2008, 12:26 ]
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JohnJohn, check out the home page on this wed site to see how to make a dirt hole set. Chances are the ham you used for bait was eaten by something other than the fox especially if it was exposed. You should not attach the bait to the trap pan as chances are the critters may try to get it with thier mouth, which will in the least will give them a good rap on the nose when the trap fires and also give them a good education! I would use the dirt hole with chicken parts and or feathers in the hole ( if legal). If legal you could also snare the fox where they are going under the fence, a 220 conibear trap set in the hole will also do the job also, again if legal.

Author:  LONE GUNMAN [ 17 Aug 2008, 20:16 ]
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That is some pretty solid advice good job lil....

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