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tranfer cage
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Author:  Barclay58 [ 13 Jul 2008, 09:15 ]
Post subject:  tranfer cage

how many of you use a transfer cage..i was wanting to use a lil grizz to trap a coon around my house but i dont want to kill it... could i put it into a transfer cage with a ketch pole? i know this sounds stupid but i dont know what i'm doing, can you put the coon in the cage with the pole and get the pole back out with out having the coon try and come with it?

Author:  Chieftain [ 13 Jul 2008, 09:43 ]
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you can find a roll cage that coonhunter's use to put coon's in to train pup's with they make great transfer cage's ..I bought one [all though I never use it to train pup's with]and made two more .I used thier's as a patteren..they are round with a flat top and bottom with alarge door for easy loading and unloading...

Author:  Houndsman [ 13 Jul 2008, 15:57 ]
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shouldn't be too hard to transfer a coon to a cage with a catch pole

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 13 Jul 2008, 16:38 ]
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My experience, what little there is, has been that you should be careful to not choke a coon until it quits fighting.....most will be dead at that point. cats and coyotes will pass out and quit fighting. I have taken a few coons out of traps alive and put them in tote sacks (burlap bags), grasp the shaft of the choke stick with the open edge of the sack and shake a little slack in the choke stick cable, the coon will come out of the loop, draw your choke stick out of the sack and then tie the sack off. I have even managed to put two coons in the same sack at the same time, just by putting the first coon in and then twisting the sack from the middle down and then placing the second coon in and shaking it loose. Now when the sack untwist....expect a tremendous coon fight within the sack. :shock: Shaking coons out in cages isn't much different...just don't allow them any more room for escape than possible....they are fast and are always seeking freedom. Be careful while handling the coons, they will bite and claw you. :wink:

Author:  BigMoo3 [ 13 Jul 2008, 16:44 ]
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what if there was a way to get a cage with a small hole in the back to slide the pole through and it would poke out the door, loop the coon and just pull him into the cage. when hes in there losten the loop and slide the pole out and POOF! coon in a cage.

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 13 Jul 2008, 16:47 ]
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That should be as any method....other than having it in a burlap sack and shaking it out as the door closes behind it.

Author:  BigMoo3 [ 13 Jul 2008, 16:52 ]
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i would think it would be harder to get them in a floppy burlap sack than a cage with a door. but once their in the sack it would be easy to get them in the cage.

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 13 Jul 2008, 17:02 ]
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You may want to PRACTICE with the bagging :wink: The most difficult "thing" I ever placed in a sack was a horned owl that I'd taken in a trap and decidede to take it home so the toes could mend. To my SURPRISE :shock: it could use it's beak, talons and wings in some impressive ways! :shock: Placed it in a large cage and fed it roadkill for a couple of weeks and turned it out. It was in good shape when I last saw it up in a tall pine tree. Most animals do not fight the sack to try and get loose. A bobcat will stick it's claws through the sack, but I think that is just to get your attention. :P Coyotes seem to settle fairly quickly when they are "fouled" and grey fox just sull up and don't fight at all once you grab them around their neck and place their bodies under you arm. But that is just my experience and your results may not be the same!

Author:  BigMoo3 [ 13 Jul 2008, 17:04 ]
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ill keep that in mind, and shold anyone else who wants to rope a deer. :wink:

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 13 Jul 2008, 17:07 ]
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:lol: :lol: :lol: The things people tend to remember amazes me :lol: :lol:

Author:  BigMoo3 [ 13 Jul 2008, 17:15 ]
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lol i try my best to remember. but i think that the deer could so more damage quicker than a coon but i WILL NEVER under estimate one.

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 13 Jul 2008, 17:22 ]
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We can't be too careful anytime we deal with wild critters. I picked up some sort of hard shelled beetle once to try and feed it to a wolf spider we had in a jar.....that sucker drilled a hole under my thumbnail quicker than you could cuss a cat..... :shock: It not only hurt my thumb, but my dignity also :!: :roll:

Author:  BigMoo3 [ 13 Jul 2008, 17:30 ]
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the beetle got you?

Author:  Boomhawr [ 13 Jul 2008, 17:43 ]
Post subject: 


Author:  BigMoo3 [ 13 Jul 2008, 17:51 ]
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thats right down your ally Boom

Author:  Boomhawr [ 13 Jul 2008, 18:08 ]
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Yep. Didn't even bother with the trap. Just straight to the bag. Still got one cink to work out. Not gettin spraid in the prossess

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 13 Jul 2008, 18:12 ]
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Boom, you are a dying breed---THE DEDICATED EMPLOYEE!!!! I would love to have seen all that transpire on YouTube! :shock: :lol:

Yes Moo, the beetle bored a hole under my thumbnail and I think I may have screamed....my little kids looked very shocked when I was able to open my eyes and wipe the tears away. :oops:

Author:  Boomhawr [ 13 Jul 2008, 18:24 ]
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Well Swamp, even if I had a cam it wouldn't have mattered. All the other chicken sh$# ran out the door to quick. Got a long lunch out of it though. Boss didn't argue that one bit. :wink:

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 13 Jul 2008, 18:48 ]
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You know what the saying is about the difference between a COWARD and a HERO...you can tell by the direction he runs :?

Author:  BLUEMAN [ 13 Jul 2008, 19:26 ]
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shouldnt have a problem, just use the pole and drop the coon in the cage and let go of the door and it will close no problem

Author:  Chieftain [ 13 Jul 2008, 22:54 ]
Post subject: 

a lot of times I just place the roll cage with the door open with a towel or blanket over the roll cage to make it dark and then open the live trap door which is up tight to the roll cage door .the coon most time's will run right for the dark hole and I never need the catch pole...

Author:  rwtrapper [ 15 Jul 2008, 20:01 ]
Post subject: 

I live sale about all my critters so I've handled alot of critters and have worked out the bugs on doing this.

Coon are second only to yotes when it comes to handling a live critter.

I have a Catch All pole and a hog catcher pole ya buy at the feed and seed. I added a spring off a welding lead to the hog catcher pole to make it lock positivly when a critter is caught. A POSITIVE lock allows you to free up a hand to work with the cage(not).

Agin over theyears I have evolved how I do things. I DO NOT USE CAGES!!! I use plastic barrles to haul game in. The resons are many but #1 is my safty. A critter can not bite you thru a barrle while hauling it. #2 the critters settle down and are able to warm up in the barrle and say dry in the wet weather. The plastic barrles are tough and easy to work with. I add handles to aid in carrying the barrle and use a eye bolt and a lockable hasp to keep the door shut. Ifin yall want a photo I make some and post them later this week. I use several size barrles and PVC pipe to carry critters in. The critters can not fill up a barrle with trash they reach and grab either!

When I handle coon with a catch pole I try to get them in the middle NOT the neck. You'll loose a coon trying to handle them by the neck. They are simply too strong.

Yotes - I catch by the neck. I do not chocke them out or tighten the pole up too tightly. Depending on which I catch the front or back foot I hog tie the oposite end with a large thick zip tie. After the free feet are tied I remove the trap then hog tie the other set. A yote is far to strong to have to fight when transfering from the truck to the pen.

Fox, and bobcat I just toss into the barrle. They are not as strong or heavy as yote so they require no extra restraints.


Author:  Boomhawr [ 15 Jul 2008, 21:11 ]
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I'd like to see some pics of them.

I thought a bobcat would be pretty strong. :?

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 15 Jul 2008, 22:49 ]
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Oh Yeah RW, do post some photos of your set ups. Always willing to give another man's ideas a look see. Thanks for the input.

Author:  Houndsman [ 15 Jul 2008, 23:39 ]
Post subject: 

yeah definately post some pics. i would love to see them

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