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Author:  tntrapper [ 30 Mar 2008, 19:00 ]
Post subject:  coyote

what is the best thing to use to catch a coyote in a box trap?

like food wize

Author:  simonG [ 02 Apr 2008, 14:43 ]
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stacy yancy is the one to ask about cage trapping yotes.

i have only ever caught two, both in sets made for cats, i placed the cage and then made a mark where the trigger/pan was sitting, moved the trap out and dug a dirt hole , placed lure and a chunk of bait in the hole , put the cage back and wired a piece of feather and fur in the back of the cage, all as yancy had told described to do.

i've caught many fox, cats, coons, mink, and such on that set and twice coyotes, but unless oyu legally have to use a cage for yotes i would not go that route unless you are trying to cage one for the hell of it.

Author:  mike foreman [ 04 Apr 2008, 22:48 ]
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LIVE BAIT That seems to be the best from concensus of the others
on this site but is it legal in your area.

Author:  ryebear [ 07 Apr 2008, 08:23 ]
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live bait is legal for you TnTrapper, and I agree with mike that your chances of getting a yote in a cage trap with anything but live bait are pretty slim.

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 07 Apr 2008, 15:32 ]
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Here's an answer that you can take to the bank---I don't know, I have never taken a coyote nor a bobcat in a live trap. Still trying. Reading and learning from those of you that have had such luck.

Author:  wil [ 13 Jun 2008, 13:44 ]
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what does these live traps you put in a dirt whole look like not like a hav a hart trap?or more rounded thanks in advance wil

Author:  Beaverboy [ 16 Jun 2008, 12:01 ]
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are you talking about coilspring traps?

Author:  Houndsman [ 16 Jul 2008, 10:16 ]
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a live bait would probably do the trick

Author:  BLUEMAN [ 16 Jul 2008, 14:48 ]
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i would definately go with a live bait, i think that is ur best bet

Author:  Chieftain [ 16 Jul 2008, 15:04 ]
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my big Hav-hart has a box on the back that come's off for transport or it is a live bait container with a wire door that slides up and down.....target animal's can see the live bait [pigeon,chicken chick's ,tame rabbit]but can't get to it even after the catch....for yote's mine would have to be bigger... I have fooled a fox or two in it...and had the yote's try rolling it around before...they didn't get the bait though....

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