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What size for Raccons
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Author:  Tracker12 [ 01 Feb 2008, 17:20 ]
Post subject:  What size for Raccons

Looking for a live trap for racoons. What brand and size is recommended? Who has a decent price?

Author:  ryebear [ 01 Feb 2008, 17:49 ]
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I'd use the internet or catalogs cause tractor supply and co-op are pretty high. You can sometimes find them at flea markets or garage sales on the cheap. Once you get one and see how it works, they're not that tough to make yourself, that is what I did, but then I like making stuff.

Author:  stowe8807 [ 01 Feb 2008, 18:30 ]
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when u go to buy them make sure theyre not to big (just big enought for a coon to get in) because if u buy it to big they will tip the and get out i use ones that have washers that slide down when the door comes down that wway they cant just get out

Author:  Tracker12 [ 01 Feb 2008, 20:18 ]
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I saw one that a guy sells on Ebay that look's really nice. very heavy duty and has the washer that slides down. I would have ordered one but he is really pricey at $110.00 a trap + shipping. He did have a cheap bucket style trap that I bid on.

Author:  stowe8807 [ 01 Feb 2008, 22:29 ]
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i bought mine from a local outdoor store n i paid 45 dollars a piece

Author:  swartz1972 [ 16 Feb 2008, 11:38 ]
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dont buy the ones from sportsmen guide
bought one last year only caught 1 possum and 1 coon in it then last coon ripped cage welds off of door and got out
very cheesy build
try to find contact to stone creek hounds in pa he has very solid ones he sells in his shop for 40 but he gos all over states to dog conventions so pickup might be easy from a convention
they even have a bait lid on the back that you can lock down but you can position bait easily and right

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