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beaver trapping
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Author:  jdw [ 18 Dec 2007, 21:15 ]
Post subject:  beaver trapping


I got a guy who wants me to trap some beaver for him and he is willing to pay me to do it. the only problem is I don't have a pest control license and insurance. now the state of texas requires both, if your going to charge people to trap. I dont usually trap for other people, mainly just for myself. Do you guys think that I should pass this opurtunity up, or just go ahead and do it.


Author:  Beaverinbob [ 29 Aug 2008, 09:42 ]
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If he is willing to let you trap on his land and you can do so in season, I say go for it. If he wants to pay you and you feel akward about taking his money or if your state prohibits charging without apest license talk to him about some sort of trade (i.e: permission to trap his lands for two years in exchange for one beaver). I know in NY you need an NWCO's license to trap certain animals, but with beaver the land owner themselves (or their designate) can do that here after they get a special permit from the Conservation department. I would recommend checking with your local conservation laws and them if it is leagal for you to take it, do it.

Author:  Beaverboy [ 29 Aug 2008, 12:14 ]
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As long as you are not trapping a structure all you need is a trappers lic. if you trap a building of any type you'll need a PCL...Charles

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