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Trap Monitoring System
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Author:  catrapper72 [ 15 Aug 2014, 17:40 ]
Post subject:  Trap Monitoring System

Im looking into buying a trap monitoring system for my live traps that I use for residential properties. Im thinking they will be great to use since Ill know when the animal is trapped. I try and check my traps in the morning around 8am-11am since it gets hot around here later in the day. But if I catch something around 12pm-7:59am the animal is sitting in the trap for quiet a long time.

Has anyone used these before? They seem to be around 400-500$ each per house so I wanted to see what everyone thought about these before I purchase a few. It seems like I could save a few visits as well which means less gas! Thanks for your input!

Author:  catrapper72 [ 21 Aug 2014, 15:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trap Monitoring System

I havent gotten any feedback on this so Im assuming not many people have used one of these. I only have 2 years experience with trapping so If you haven't used one do you think they would work? Cost aside? Thanks!

Author:  LittleT [ 07 Sep 2014, 11:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trap Monitoring System

With my DC business I have a contract on all jobs I do that the customer has to sign saying they will check the traps daily and call me before 10am if an animal is in the trap. Now thats only if im running live traps. And let me tell u if damage trapping iv found customers to be more than willing to check them they want the problem gone just as bad as we do. I also stress to them how important it is for the animal to not be in the traps for an extended period of time. I also have a section on my contract that they sign stateing they will pay a fine if traps are not checked by that time. I do have cameras if I need to use them but I dont trust all technology. some jobs I have to check myself but if it saves me and I can trust the customer thats the way I go.

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