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Author:  moparmanpete [ 30 Jun 2014, 20:03 ]
Post subject:  Disposal?

I have searched and haven't seen anyone discuss how they dispose of the remains, I don't want to risk transferring diseases from one location to another. Burial isn't an option for me at the moment living in the city.

Pm me please


Author:  moparmanpete [ 22 Jul 2014, 21:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Disposal?

For those that would like to know....
There are 4 disposal method approved by the EPA in Ohio to prevent the further transmission of disease.
1.) Burial at least 6ft deep (with regards to prevent ground water contamination.)
2.) Incineration (expensive)
3.) Rendering (sounds messy I need to research more)
4.) Compost (must be well maintained)
Landfill not permitted.
All have there drawbacks and require further research to be effective, But every ones situation is different.
This is what I have found during my search, Hope is helps someone in the future.


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