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Cage trapping has not worked .Going to try Duke DP trap
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Author:  Trapping novice [ 23 Jun 2014, 17:23 ]
Post subject:  Cage trapping has not worked .Going to try Duke DP trap

I am new to trapping . In reality new is an understatement . I retired 5 years ago and moved to the country side in a state where trapping is legal thus I am not breaking any laws.

There are plenty of raccoons in the area which do not bother us and they pass through the yard at night .

About 5 months ago a large raccoon (missing half his tail) began to dig around my neighbors bird aviary and in one way or another attempts every other night to break in . He will even climb to wire pull on it and try to stick his arm in the aviary and catch his birds.

He has failed but leaves holes around the aviary . My neighbor like myself is no spring chicken and it is a pain to fill in these holes over and over with top soil .

In my case this raccoon will tear the mesh screen from my gazebo and dig up my plants and jump into my 20 gallon half barrel "ponds" and take my guppies . I have since put heavy screens on them but he continues to try , puts his weight on the screen and defecates all over the place .

In 5 years which I have lived here and 15 for him, No raccoon has done this .

Due to the fact that we only want to catch this particular raccoon and not others nor opossums we picked up a live catch trap (Havahart) and set it in my- gazebo because this is the only raccoon that rips up the mesh to enter.

He came in a few times and I watched him ignore the trap though he tried to get the food from the top and side he would not enter . We used different baits on different days .

I than ordered 2 Duke DP traps which I set up yesterday next to my guppy half barrels secured to two steal poles in two opposite areas (10 feet apart) , good thing I got the tool to set it up with or I would not have been able.

One trap is baited with some dead guppies he left on the floor on his last raid and the other with a marshmallow . I do not have a dog and there is a high fence around my yard thus no possibility of catching a dog (even though dog proof) so I feel comfortable with these traps.

He did not come yesterday (comes like 2 to 5 am) but this is normal as he strikes us about every other day.

We expect him today if not certainly no later than tomorrow .

My question is that the traps have human scent on them and not camouflaged they are in the open and obvious that they are traps , is that a mistake?

Thank you very much .


Author:  Trapping novice [ 25 Jun 2014, 09:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Cage trapping has not worked .Going to try Duke DP trap

The trap worked last night . Baited it with little pieces of crayfish as went 1 night that he came and ignored the other bait .

Interesting forum , good reading.

Author:  remrogers [ 27 Jun 2014, 01:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Cage trapping has not worked .Going to try Duke DP trap

Good for you. Nice to catch one that has given you so much grief. They should get easier down the road.


Author:  Trapping novice [ 09 Jul 2014, 00:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Cage trapping has not worked .Going to try Duke DP trap

Thank you . Hopefully that big male was it . Plenty of raccoons in the area but we never had one so relentless and fearless .

First time I ever had a raccoon tear gazebo screen to get in.

The raids stopped after he was caught and dealt with. They are much tougher than I thought .

In truth if I had not come across this forum I would have thought that the DP trap was a scam but it worked great .

It is good to have just incase .

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