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Author:  skip secord [ 17 Mar 2007, 14:39 ]
Post subject:  coyotes

:?: I ran my mouth about trapping everything from alligators to snakes down here in south Fl, now I have got to eat crow, :oops: I need info on coyote trapping. I cannot use steel traps in Florida I have to use live traps. I can use snares,but will be trapping in a residential area and can,t afford having a strangled animal seen. I plan on using chicken for bait as this has worked well for fox. Please any info will help. Skip :?:

Author:  Lil Bit [ 17 Mar 2007, 15:37 ]
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You can get live-catch snares. These cable restraints have a relaxing lock system, and a stop preventing the snare from closing too far down on the throat of the coyote so that the animal is alive when you get there.

Cage trapping coyotes is out of the question. It is an impractical way of capturing them, and requires months of prebaiting, insanely large traps (the size of a small car) and even then, you usually only catch youths and sick ones.

Example: Massachusetts only allows cage traps on land. Last year 1 coyote was trapped. In 2005, 3 coyotes were trapped. In 2004, 0 coyotes were trapped.

Author:  skip secord [ 17 Mar 2007, 17:04 ]
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:D Thankyou, as snares will be perfect as Ive located a den under a concrete slab. Snare size?, I would send you a ticket if I could afford It, its 75 today, love to rub it in.

Author:  Lil Bit [ 17 Mar 2007, 19:25 ]
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:P HA HA I say from underneath my 13 inches of snow...

http://www.snareshop.com/cgi-bin/snares ... cat=Snares

Under Live Catch Snares it has all the specs.

Author:  sksman [ 22 Mar 2007, 07:41 ]
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if you go to the snare shop if you look on the left toolbar there should be something called the basics of snareing you could try looking there or you could google it

Author:  swartz1972 [ 17 Nov 2007, 07:29 ]
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as we are taught in pa any relaxing lock makes it a cable restraint not a snare hahaha as long as there is nothing for it to tangle in itll be live in it we are not allowed to be within 12 inches of any thing tangle able and it doesnt even hurt there fur

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