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need help. I'm new at trapping.
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Author:  Jays [ 12 Oct 2016, 09:51 ]
Post subject:  need help. I'm new at trapping.

I would like to start by thanking those in charge for accepting my request to join. This is my first post. Except for putting a few leg traps in a circle around a stake in the corn patch back in my teen years for coon, I am at a total loss as far as trapping is concerned. I am retired now and have lived in NE TN for 9 years. I have 2 peach trees that are totally stripped of peaches every year by squirrels. I was told to get 110 conibare traps, which i just bought 6 of them, then place a log, ect, from ground to tree for the run, and place trap on on the run. I have read a few things on this forum, and think I have to treat the new traps with logwood dye, (whatever that is), and avoid wax as it makes for a too sensitive trigger. also when i moved here the previous owner left a dozen or more leg traps for small critters. should I treat them the same way? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. greetings from stone mountain. Also, is there any good beginners book that will help me, as I would like to expand my trapping beyond the tree rats.
Ok I found the article on home page that tells the process on how to dye and wax, and the reasons for it. (should have read more before starting this post.
more to add, Just washed and rinsed the new traps and hung them outside to rust up some. Now to wash the old jaw traps.

Author:  trapperrick [ 09 Nov 2016, 19:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: need help. I'm new at trapping.

I noticed your post and have seen you posted on the main pages. Best of luck this season Jays!

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 17 Nov 2016, 07:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: need help. I'm new at trapping.

Welcome Jay, Rick is correct, few members join in conversations other than the Trap Line and Camp Fire sections. You'll get some good responses in those. Welcome to WAT, I look forward to your input.

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