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almost season
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Author:  ski3879 [ 08 Sep 2009, 09:06 ]
Post subject:  almost season

hey everyone....what are yall doing about selling your hids this season my guy aint buying no more. me and bigmoo were taking about shipping out but i dont really wanna do that . let me know who yall are selling to

Author:  BigMoo3 [ 09 Sep 2009, 07:11 ]
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ill call jim at some point this week and see what his deal it. i wont sell to that dude in town if you gave me a million bucks. dont worry bud we think of somethin. i also think i heard of one in Latrobe but im not positive.

Author:  MARCO [ 09 Sep 2009, 14:14 ]
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district 2 usually has a fur sale at burnt ridge club (cowansville)in late jan- feb cant remember but isnt that far from butler

Author:  Mountain Man Dan [ 12 Sep 2009, 19:47 ]
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I think I am going to ship my furs out to auction. I WILL NOT sell to the guy in conneaut, but if I could find a local auction, I think I will take my furs there and see what I can bring in.?

Author:  BigMoo3 [ 13 Sep 2009, 07:27 ]
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you and me both there Dan. he treats people like crap. idk how hes been in business so long.

Author:  ski3879 [ 13 Sep 2009, 10:42 ]
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would yall wanna plan a trip out to auction together? ....and moo did you get more strechers yet?

Author:  BigMoo3 [ 14 Sep 2009, 06:52 ]
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im gonna call jim today after i get some sleep. im up for a road trip!

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