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what do you like for dogs
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Author:  iowafurchasin [ 25 Nov 2010, 16:32 ]
Post subject:  what do you like for dogs

ok i have a colt le 5.56 ar 1in 7 twist, now i want to know what bullet will kill and have minimal pelt damage ive been reading things all over the web and everyone on almost every site doesnt ever answer the direct question lol. so thats what im looking for. i refuse to use fmj on them and hear v max will open a door on exit side.

Author:  crazydiamond [ 27 Nov 2010, 22:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: what do you like for dogs

try handloads with the Barnes Varmint Grenades or something that evaporates while expanding. They are made just for the purpose of making only 1 hole in a pelt and or vaporizing woodchucks and prarie dogs.

Author:  iowafurchasin [ 28 Nov 2010, 01:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: what do you like for dogs

thank you i was thinking about going that route either with grenades or v maxs.

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