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Calling bobcat
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Author:  Dale [ 13 Feb 2007, 14:00 ]
Post subject:  Calling bobcat

Am new to predator calling. Saw a nice bobcat while deer hunting. wondering what would be the best way to set up and call. Have a electronic caller with both rabbit and woodpecker tapes. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Author:  young U.P. Trapper [ 16 Feb 2007, 19:31 ]
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I would try to find an open area and place a visual, such as a furry ball that could blow in the breeze and then start the tape. sit just on the edge of the woods, and if there is snow, were WHITE, it will really help you to blend in rather than just green camo.

Another way would be to sit in your deer stand and place the caller outside and wait in there,

or you could do my favorite way..... make a cubby, put some bait/lure in the back and stick a 2-3# coilspring in front of it :P

Author:  Ty-Bo67 [ 16 Feb 2007, 21:16 ]
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Heard woodpecker is the best for bobcat. I set up in the thickstuff when targeting bobcat.

Author:  Creek Traps [ 25 Feb 2007, 11:12 ]
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I've also heard woodpecker works great for bobcats. Rabbit would also work seeing as sometimes you'll call in a cat with it while hunting coyotes.

Good luck.

Author:  predatorpatrol [ 25 Feb 2007, 13:30 ]
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i don't worry about what sound i am using that much. i like it to be high pitched. it gets them going. the main thing with calling a cat is you want to stay real busy with the call. from my exsperiences with cats is that if you are not busy on the calll it takes forever for them to get there. i have watched cats that as long as you are calling they keep moving for the most part. you stop they stop. when you get them inside a 100 yards switch to just a kissing sound made with your lips. there not hard to call if they are in the area. 100 times easier than a coyote . you don't have to worry about them smelling you as the really don't care.

Author:  Tracker12 [ 02 Feb 2008, 19:25 ]
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Both sounds will work. Just set up near thick cover and be patient. It can take up to 45 minutes for the cat to respond. Leave the caller on the entire time. I also prefer to call at night.

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