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Author:  adksasquatch [ 30 May 2009, 08:46 ]
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I typically wind up calling in fox while targeting 'yotes. Don't think there's much of a difference in method really. I've only had one killed by a friend while hunting due to the large caliber guns I've used. Looking at a .223 to help with that though. :D

Author:  trappintime [ 30 May 2009, 13:22 ]
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Yes I've called a few and up here the same technique works for either.

Author:  adksasquatch [ 03 Jun 2009, 17:51 ]
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I"ve never hunted 'yotes in dense enough cover to get greys. I've always called in reds. The only greys I've ever seen have been hiking and camping.

Author:  adksasquatch [ 09 Jun 2009, 16:31 ]
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I know people who have. The only "woods" yote hunting I've done is in draws or tree lines where the yotes circle the open fields. I've never shot a grey myself like I said. :cry:

Author:  LONE GUNMAN [ 09 Jun 2009, 19:32 ]
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when we are out at night it is nothing uncommon to call in greys....they come in quick but also hold up at about 50-75 yrds on us......

Author:  backwoodsman [ 17 Jun 2009, 19:16 ]
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Night calling always seems more productive for us. We've taken reds and greys at night. Coons come in to depending on where your setup and calls your using. If we're targeting fox's and coons we prefer 12-20ga high brass 4's or .22 rimfires/magnums(in the timber/brush) . Ive used .22 hornets to with good results. Shot placement and range are key factors with smaller cartridges. Squirrel distress calls work for greys and reds. Mouse squeakers too if the wind isnt roaring. Ive called very few greys in during the day. It can be done but our yotes have everything ran off and secretive. If they arent secretive they become yote fodder. Years ago I was sneaking along a ridge squirrel hunting with a distress call and called in 2 greys. Took'em both with medium loads of 5's 20 ga. In this area if your serious about callin greys then night times the right time though.

Author:  backwoodsman [ 19 Jun 2009, 08:18 ]
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jase that sounds rather dangerous to me! I'd debate on whether it was even worth chasin varmints at night with those rules. Be a good way to whack farmer bobs collie etc Im afraid. You can try day calling, maybe try finding their den etc. setup nearby. Maybe someone else on here has had more luck/experience day calling for greys? Maybe setup near their den with a pup distress call and a decoy of a dog or big cat etc? Im not for certain what kind of predators you have there? If it was me and I didnt have any luck day calling I'd wait till fall trapping season and introduce them to a 1 1/2coil.

Author:  backwoodsman [ 20 Jun 2009, 08:50 ]
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I imagine thats the reasoning behind the law, deer poaching. Here you can use a light but not from a vehicle. Its illegal to "shine" from a vehicle here with or without a weapon in it. Whoa to the person who "shines" with a weapon in the vehicle. Fines are pretty heavy but of course they have to catch you. Our DNR is so short staffed and after July 1st I imagine its going to get a heck of a lot worse! I know they are expensive but what about "night vision" scopes and/or goggles? Buddy at work got a russian surplus scope he use's on a .223/5.56 for less then $500.

Author:  backwoodsman [ 22 Jun 2009, 08:40 ]
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Our bunny cops take anyone's word too. They ruin hunts for alot of people every year. Our regular gun season is only 7 days and they have no qualms about walking out thru the timber to go over you with a fine tooth comb. Whoa to anyone that doesnt have there hunting license, FOID card etc signed. Its becoming more common that alot of guys take their blaze orange off just so they cant be seen and bothered. Dangerous yes but its very annoying to have the bunny cops do that. Plus most of them here DONT wear blaze orange during the gunseason)(easier to sneak up on ya). It amazes me the different/difference in regulations from state to state. Here squirrels and rabbits are game animals and cant be trapped. 50 miles away they can be trapped across the state line. Bobcats are getting to be very common but they are protected and looking to be for another decade or two but 50 miles away they are fair game.

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