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Author:  grizhunter [ 17 Jan 2007, 10:33 ]
Post subject:  Chokes

For those who are wondering what choke to use on their shotgun for coyote hunting if they are using hevi shot,this is what I ended up with.
I use a PURE GOLD turkey choke .670 I called all around and even called hevi shot what I found out was that hevi shot dead coyote loads like an extra tight choke for its best pattern.
The proof was when we blasted a yote the other day at 75 yds.

Author:  leehop [ 27 Oct 2007, 09:53 ]
Post subject:  chokes

Carlson makes a good choke called Dead Coyote. Used it with Dead Coyote "T" shot in my 870 and was really suprised with the results. More killing hits at 35-40 yards than anything I had previously used. Found it in The Sportsman's Warehouse.

Author:  scunfer [ 06 Jan 2011, 21:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chokes

i have been using a pattern master long range -ith #4 buck and getting them out to 50 yards no problem!!

Author:  Whistle-Pig [ 01 Mar 2011, 20:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chokes

From what i have seen and read, Indian Creek makes an awesome choke for hunting yotes. A buddy of mine shot one at 90 yards with one. I havent personally used one, but i have used Indian Creeks duck and turkey chokes, and the turkey choke can shoot 70+ yards fairly accurate. Indian Creek seems to make quality products.

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