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night hunting
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Author:  HUNTER_20 [ 07 Jan 2007, 21:31 ]
Post subject:  night hunting

any one go coyote huntin at night

Author:  MEtrapper [ 10 Jan 2007, 14:28 ]
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Not yet. Our season runs from January to April. I'll be out there soon enough I think.

Author:  wcollinge2000 [ 16 Jan 2007, 09:24 ]
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one night but the moon was sheilded from the earth by clouds.I heard them as they were comming my way but they must have stopped at one of my carcass dump sites not the one I was at.

Author:  carnivore [ 04 Apr 2007, 22:44 ]
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I seem to have better luck with coyotes first thing in the morning and do better with fox at night.

Author:  DFronek [ 05 Apr 2007, 01:19 ]
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I night hunt alot in the winter months under fullmoon,theres usually good visibilty for 5 days during the fullmoon,when theres snow on the ground.I have fair success during this time,but what I found is my luck is even better around mid-day during the fullmoon.But I love hunting the moon at night.You just gotta watch the sky at night for owls,I came close to losing an eye this year from a barred owl,his talons just scratched my left eyebrow when I threw my hand up, out of reflex when I caught his movement just inches from my head.My partner couldn't believe what had just happend.Usually they'll just sit in a tree above or make a fly by,but this one was on a mission.

Also when hunting the moon at night,sit in the shadows,your less visible.

Author:  carnivore [ 05 Apr 2007, 09:33 ]
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You never know whats going to happen when you're calling, do you? I'm glad to hear you still have two good eyes. I was bent over making a beaver set one time and had an owl try to land on my back. I't must have thought I was a stump. I saw the reflection in the water and turned to see what it was, just before it got to me. I don't know which one of us was more suprised.

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