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Calling setups
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Author:  grizhunter [ 03 Jan 2007, 10:05 ]
Post subject:  Calling setups

What do you guys think of calling for yotes and after you are done calling switching over to call crows from the same location.Most of my setups we use shotguns anyway.

Author:  Brad H [ 04 Jan 2007, 13:37 ]
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I've never called crows, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. If you start with coyotes, then switch to crows, you might still see a coyote anyway using crow sounds.


Author:  grizhunter [ 04 Jan 2007, 14:52 ]
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Yea I think i will try it as a double calling setup,might as well.
Calling crows is a rip.

Author:  MEtrapper [ 06 Jan 2007, 12:22 ]
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I use a crow call (as a confidence call) on predator stands. I usually get a crow to circle around once anyway but I rarely take a shot.

Author:  radar [ 14 Mar 2007, 18:58 ]
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Good point ME trapper, When calling you want everything as real as possible. When a crow hears a dis. rabbit he can't resist checking it out. Be on the lookout for a coyote or two. they want to know what all the fuss is about. I play crow sounds on almost all of my stands, but don't shoot at them.

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