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Fox Fur
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Author:  MEtrapper [ 30 Dec 2006, 11:30 ]
Post subject:  Fox Fur

As some readers may recall, I was trying to trap a cross fox in a powerline clear cut a few months ago...which then disappeared not long after I made a set for it.

Yesterday I saw it again (I think its the same anyway) while out hunting rabbits and pulling the last of my traps for the season. The hunting season on foxes extends into February, but I have a question for the forum.

Does fox fur begin to lose value as winter drags on? I've heard other trappers talk about low quality pelts on coyotes into later winter months (January and February), but seeing as how I don't trap canines I haven't seen one up close yet that was taken in late winter.

I'll still try and harvest the fox for the challenge, but I was wondering about the fur.

Author:  crittergitter69 [ 01 Jan 2007, 18:53 ]
Post subject: 

what they are refering to is the dence under fur, it tends to matte up pretty bad later in the winter. A lot of buyers won't even take them or they'll knock you for it because it can't be combed out with out pulling it out and leaving thin spots in the fur. But then there's the challenge factor, or you could leave to breed (cross) for next year, just a thought.


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