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New to coyote hunting
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Author:  lbro [ 24 Dec 2006, 01:44 ]
Post subject:  New to coyote hunting

I have just started coyote hunting in the last couple of weeks in east Texas. I am hunting a pasture on the edge of thick woods along a creek. I have had neighboring land owners tell me they are being bothered by coyotes, so I know they are there. I have been calling a night around dusk right as it gets dark. However, I have not had much luck. I have heard a couple coyotes but haven't seen any. I am using an electronic call of a distressed rabbit. I have heard that it is better to hunt during the day. Any advice to what time of day is best to hunt and what techniques might help me better my success would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Author:  Brad H [ 04 Jan 2007, 13:50 ]
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It's posible they know you're there before you start calling. Make sure your scent isn't blowing to them. Try approaching and calling into the wind. They have a habit of going downwind to examine what the sound is with their nose. If that happened that coyote most likely won't respond to that sound again. Your timing is good IMO. Sundown is a great time to call. That's my favorite time but most have better luck with first light.


Author:  grizhunter [ 04 Jan 2007, 14:58 ]
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My choice for a good time to call coyote is anytime I can get in the woods.
Havent really over the long run seen much difference.

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