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Rifle Reloading
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Author:  benelli7979 [ 07 May 2008, 21:25 ]
Post subject:  Rifle Reloading

I was wandering if there are any handloader on this website. I would like to now if i have a question who i could ask. I have hand loaded for a little while.

Author:  illtrapper2 [ 07 May 2008, 22:07 ]
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benelli, I'd be happy to help any way I can!

Author:  benelli7979 [ 08 May 2008, 07:29 ]
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illtrapper thanks alot. good to know another reloader on here. i think preach does shotgun shell i don't know about rifle.

Author:  trappintime [ 08 May 2008, 08:10 ]
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I as well reload for myself but I'm not in the same league as a lot of hand loaders who go for precision shot placement. I reload for the simple fact that if I run low on bullets I can build them instead of trying to find a place to buy them.

Author:  benelli7979 [ 03 Jul 2008, 22:22 ]
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illtrapper got a quick question for you how much should you bell straight wall cartridges? it takes me a couple to get close and then still seem to much i didn't know if there was a rule for this that i had over looked thanks

Author:  illtrapper2 [ 10 Jul 2008, 16:11 ]
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depends on what type of bullet your useing. If useing a jacketed slug you may not have to bell the case at all or very little, in fact in some situations useing the neck tension of a sized case to hold the bullet instead of crimping can increase accuracy ( please consult your loading manual as some powders will not burn correctly if the bullet is not crimped, also bullets can "jump" foreward if in a high recoil situation when not crimped). Belling is mostly used when useing lead bullets to keep from shaveing lead off the slug when seating the bullet. I bell the case mouths just enough to get the bullet started in the case, also you want to keep from belling to deep in the case as this could cause the bullet to be slightly canted in extreme situations. You just have to keep adjusting the die untill you find the sweet spot. If your haveing problems seating your jacketed bullets mic the inside diameter of your sized cases to be sure they are not undersize ( again check your manual to determine the specs), also mic the bullets to be sure they are the size they are advertised to be. Also be sure to debur the case mouth. Hope this helps, good luck!

Author:  scunfer [ 06 Jan 2011, 21:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Rifle Reloading

since all of you reloaders are at one spot, i am looking for a load for a 30-06 that -ill not destroy the pelt!! Any suggestions? I have a .300 -in mag as -ell, but currently -aiting on my dies and setup to get to my ne- location.

Author:  Nelson [ 01 Mar 2011, 09:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Rifle Reloading

I used to get some 100 gr "plinkers" to load 30-30 rounds for target shooting. Check some loading manuals to see if they have a load for the 30-06. A hundred grain bullet would cause as minimal damage as you can get with 30 cal. On my .223 rounds I switched from Hornady V-max to FMJ and found the full metal jackets save a lot of fur, you just have to hit them right to put them down quick. The v-max put a fist size exit hole in the first fox I shot this year. yikes!

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